Some Meteorite Information

Self-Test Check-List
Meteorite Realities
What To Do If You Think That Youíve Found a Meteorite
Chemical Composition of Meteorites
Some Meteorite Statistics
Find the Meteorite

Photos of Meteorites in the Washington University Collection
Some Photos of Apollo Lunar Samples
Missouri Meteorites | Illinois Meteorites | The St. Louis Meteorite
Meteorite Numbers by State

Meteorite Identification Information

fusion crust | more fusion crust photos | regmaglypts
magnetic attraction | metal, iron, & nickel | ordinary chondrites
iron-oxide concretions & nodules | streak test
basalt | vesicles | slag
quartz, calcite, magnetite, hematite, & micas | scratch test
density & specific gravity
how big are meteorites?
desert pavement
regolith breccias
not every rock that falls from the sky is a meteorite

Lunar Meteorite Information

Lunar Meteorites
List of Lunar Meteorites: Alphanumeric Order | Alumina-Concentration Order
Technical Literature on Lunar Meteorites
Chemical Classification of Lunar Meteorites
How Do We Know That Itís a Rock from the Moon?
Regolith Breccias | Apollo Regolith Breccias
The Chemical Composition of Lunar Soil
Oman Lunar Meteorite Locations | NIPR Lunar Meteorite Locations

Prepared by
: Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

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Last revised:
17 April 2019