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Michael C. BOUCHARD, Paul K. CARPENTER,  Ryan N. (CLEGG) WATKINS ,  E. Oana COMAN, Timothy M. HAHN,  Bradley L. JOLLIFF,  Randy L. KOROTEV,  Zongcheng LING,  Sarah N. VALENCIA,  Alian WANG,   & Yuanchao YAN 

alumniLarry A. Haskin (1934-2005), Natalie J. Accardo, Kathryn Connar, Hongwei Du, Andrew B. Foreman, John J. Freeman, Xiaohui Fu, Katherine E. Gibson, Jeffrey J. Gillis, Darren Johnson, Karla E. Kuebler, Chris G. Lauber, Zongcheng Ling, Yanli Lu, Weigang Kong, Sean O'Donnell, Stephen M. Seddio, Katherine A. Shirley, Kelsi Singer, Pablo Sobron, Amanda Stadermann, Jie Wei, Sandra Wiseman, Axel Wittmann, Zhongchen Wu, Michael R. Zanetti, Ryan A. Zeigler, Jiang Zhang, and Yuhang Zhou

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48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2016, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Ashcroft, Anand, Korotev, Greenwood, Franchi, Strekopytov NWA 10989 - A new lunar meteorite with equal proportions of feldspathic and VLT material 1481
Bouchard, Jolliff, Farrand, & Mittlefehldt Constraining the origin of basaltic volcanic rocks observed by Opportunity along the rim of Endeavour Crater 1608
Carpenter, Hahn, Korotev, Zeigler, & Jolliff Quantitative EPMA compositional mapping of NWA 2995: Characterization and petrologic interpretation of mafic clasts 2607
Coman & Jolliff Detection and variability of TiO2 using LROC WAC UVVIS data at calibration sites 2566
Crow, Cassata, Jolliff, Zeigler, Borg, & Shearer Ar-Ar thermochronlogy of Apollo 12 impact-melt breccia 12033,638-1 2823
Crumpler, Arvidson, Golombek, Jolliff, & Mittlefehldt Rim structure, stratigraphy, and aqueous alteration exposures along Opportunity rover’s traverse of the Noachian Endeavour Crater 2276
Ferrière, Meier, Fernandes, Fritz, Greshake, Barrat, Böttger, Bouvier, Brandstätter, Busemann, Korotev, Maden, Magna, SchmittKopplin,
Schrader, & Wadhwa
The unique crowdfunded Oued Awlitis 001 lunar meteorite – A consortium overview 1621
Greenhagen, Cahill, Jolliff, Lawrence, & Glotch Investigating evolved compositions around Wolf Crater 2597
Gross, Prissel, Korotev, & Parman Unique pink spinel symplectite assemblage in NorthWest Africa (NWA) 10401: Breakdown reaction through solid-state diffusion and potential relation to Apollo 17 samples 2589
Haenecour, Floss, Ogliore, Wang, & Yada Presolar grains in micrometeorites: Evidence for the injection of supernova dust into the
solar nebula
Haenecour, Floss, Zega, Croat, Wang, Jolliff, & Carpenter Pre-accretionary aqueous alteration of dust in fine-grained chondrule rims: Evidence from presolar grain abundances and mineralogy in primitive CO3.0 chondrites 2222
Hahn, Lunning, McSween, Taylor, & Jolliff Partial melts of the eucritic crust: on the origin of dacitic melts and the Stannern trend contaminant 1759
Hahn, Nicole, & McSween Characterization of crustal components in the Vestan megaregolith: Implications for remote sensing 1766
Jolliff, Shearer, Papanastassiou, Liu, & MoonRise Science Team Why do we need samples from the Moon’s South Pole-Aitken Basin and what would we do with them? 1300
Jolliff, Watkins, Petro, Moriarty, Lawrence,V Selecting and certifying landing sites for MoonRise in South Pole-Aitken Basin 1326
Korotev & Irving Still not keeping up with the lunar meteorites 1498
Lawrence, Stopar, Ostrach, van der Bogert, Hiesinger, Jolliff, Giguere, Sato, &. Robinson Remote sensing and geologic studies of Mare Australe: the north Australe region 1844
Ling, Liu, Jolliff, Zhang, Li, Sun, Chen, & Liu Spectral and mineralogical analysis of Chang’e-5 candidate landing site in northern Oceanus Procellarum 2079
Petro, Hollibaugh-Baker, & Jolliff Detrended topographic data of the South-Pole Aitken Basin (SPA): comparisons with Apollo 16 and Schiller-Schickard as indications of the formation and evolution of the SPA interior 2552
Stadermann, Krawczynski, Jolliff, & Hamilton Analysis and experimental investigation of Apollo basalt sample 12032,366-18 2883
Valencia & Jolliff Surface properties of the Apennine Bench Formation 2826
Valencia, Korotev, Jolliff, & Irving Petrography and chemistry of lunar diabasic meteorite Northwest Africa NWA 10656 2483
Wang, Ling, Yan, McEwen, Mellon, Smith, Jolliff, & Head Atmosphere – Surface H2O exchange to sustain the recurring slope lineae (RSL) on Mars 2351
Wang, Yan, Houghton, Wang, & Wu Perchlorate formation through electrochemistry in Martian atmosphere-surface interaction 2685
Watkins, Jolliff, Lawrence, Hayne, & Ghent Boulder distributions at legacy landing sites: Assessing regolith production rates and landing
site hazards

Wittmann, Korotev, Jolliff, Zanetti, Nishiizumi, Jull, Caffee, & Irving Who launched lunar meteorite Oued Awlitis 001? 2482
Yan Y. C. Wang A. Wu Z. C A simulated electro-chemical reaction for the generation of oxidants in near-surface atmosphere and the Cl-1 to Cl+x phase transformation at Martian surface 2413
Zanetti, Jolliff, Shirley, Glotch, Hagerty, & Gullikson The Aristarchus Plateau large igneous province: The case for bi-modal volcanism 2320


47th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2016, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Bouchard & Jolliff Comparing MER Opportunity rock groups and Martian meteorites using hierarchical clustering and a similarity index 2551
Clegg-Watkins, Jolliff, & Watkins LRO NAC-derived albedo map of silicic volcanics 1125
Clegg-Watkins, Jolliff, Petro, & Lawrence The distribution of mare and cryptomare in the South Pole-Aitken Basin: New perspectives from multiple datasets 2072
Cohen, Frasl, Jolliff, Korotev, & Zeigler 40Ar-39Ar age of an impact-melt lithology in Dhofar 961 2007
Cohen, Lawrence, Petro, Bart, Clegg-Watkins, Denevi, Ghent, Klima, Morgan, Spudis & Stopar Identifying and characterizing impact melt outcrops in the Nectaris Basin 1389
Coman, Jolliff, & Carpenter Maturity effects on UV/VIS ratio and implications for TiO2 detection using LROC WAC 2497
Crumpler, Arvidson, Mittlefehldt, Jolliff , Farrand, Fox, Golombek, & Athena Science Team Opportunity, geologic and structural context of aqueous alteration in Noachian outcrops, Marathon Valley and rim of Endeavour Crater 2272
Fu, Wang, & Krawczynski Characterizing silicate glasses with vibrational spectroscopy 2470
Haenecour, Floss, José, Amari, Lodders, Jadhav, Wang, & Gyngard Presolar graphite from a CO Nova 1580
Hilton, Gross, R. Korotev, & A. Calzada-Diaz Classifying the unknown - the lunar edition: North West Africa 10401 a new type of the Mg-suite rock? 1168
Jolliff, Petro, Shearer, Cohen, Liu, & Bottke South Pole-Aitken Basin sample-return science: Critical clues for planet formation 2818
Kinczyk, Denevi, Boyd, Clegg-Watkins, Hapke, Henriksen, Robinson, & Sato Controls on the photometric properties of lunar swirls in comparison to fresh crater ejecta 2343
Korotev & Irving Not quite keeping up with the lunar meteorites 1358
Kuehner, Wittmann, Korotev, Carpenter, Macke, Britt, Irving, & Pitt Petrologic, chemical and physical characterization of unique lunar vitric regolith breccia Northwest Africa 10404 2246
Lawrence, Stopar, Ostrach, Jolliff, & Robinson Assessing the relationship between absolute age and surface roughness with LROC 2755
Ling, Jolliff, Zhang, Li, Sun, & Liu Differentiation of basaltic lava at Chang’e-3 landing site 2545
Mittlefehldt, Gellert, VanBommel, Arvidson, Clark, Ming, Schröder, Yen, Fox, Farrand, Jolliff, & Athena Science Team Alumina + silica ± germanium alteration in smectite-bearing Marathon Valley, Endeavour Crater rim, Mars 2086
Petro, Ostrach, Clegg-Watkins, Jolliff, Cahill, Hayne, & Mest Unraveling the geologic history of the South Pole-Aitken Basin interior: A case study of the Bhabha region using multiple remote sensing datasets 2669
Valencia, Jolliff, & Korotev Petrography and chemistry of the mafic and REE-rich components in Apollo sample 12013 2361
van der Bogert, Gaddis, Hiesinger, Ivanov, Jolliff, Mahanti, & Pasckert Revisiting the CSFDs of the Taurus Littrow dark mantle deposit: Implications for age determina-tions of pyroclastic deposits 1616
Walcek, Jolliff, & Zanetti Volumes of volcanic constructs at the Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex on the Moon 2933
Wang, Lambert, & Hutchinson Fine-scale, definitive, and comprehensive mineralogy for a Venus landing mission 2182
Wu & Wang Oxidants generated by electrostatic discharge in a martian environmental chamber – implication for perchlorates formation on Mars 2227
Yan, Wang, & Wei Shifted excitation Raman differentiated spectroscopy (SERDS) for planetary surface exploration 2210
Zeigler & Korotev Petrography and geochemistry of lunar meteorite Miller Range 13317 2554


78th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
July 2015, Berkeley, California
authors title abstract number
Korotev In the feldspathic highlands of the Moon, high MgO/FeO equals high olivine abundance 5078

46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2015, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Crewed martian traverses II; Lessons learned from a Mars analog geologic field expedition 2596
Bouchard, Marshall, Parrish, Orenstein, & Lee Material radiation degradation study (MARA - DS): A payload concept to prepare for human missions to Mars 2443
Carpenter & Jolliff Electron-probe microanalysis of Fe spherules in lunar agglutinate 76503,7020 2747
Clegg, Jolliff, & Coman Analysis of compositional variations at non-mare volcanic regions using LROC NAC photometry and spectra of glassy silicic mineral mixtures
Coman, Jolliff, & Carpenter New data on the effects of chemistry, mineralogy, grain size, and maturity on UV-VIS reflectance spectra and implications for LROC WAC-derived TiO2
Fox, Arvidson, Jolliff, Carpenter, Catalano, Hinkle & Morris Characterization of synthetic and natural manganese oxides as martian analogues 2132
Garcia, Gross, & Korotev Shisr 162: A glimpse into lunar lithologies 2300
Haenecour, Zega, Floss, Croat, & Jolliff Abundances and elemental compositions of presolar silicates in CO3.0 chondrites: Possible indicators of sec-ondary processing? 1160
Jolliff, Lawrence, Petro, Clegg, Stadermann, & Zanetti Science priorities for lunar exploration missions and value of continued LRO operations for future lunar geo-science 2616
Hill, Osinski, Banerjee, Ali, Korotev, & Nasir Petrography and geochemistry of lunar meteorite Dhofar 1673 2644
Hill, Osinski, Banerjee, Ali, Korotev, & Nasir Petrography and geochemistry of lunar meteorite Dhofar 1983 2612
Korotev & Irving Keeping up with the lunar meteorites – 2015 1942
Korotev, Irving, Wittmann, Kuehner, Chennaoui-Aoudjehane, & Labenne Petrology and composition of lunar mare basalt meteorite Northwest Africa 8632 from Chwichiya, Morocco 1195
Lawrence, Stopar, Jolliff, Robinson, & Speyerer Lunar surface traverse and exploration planning: destinations for automated sample return 2755
Lawrence, Stopar, Jolliff, Robinson, Sato, Hiesinger, Hawke, & Giguere Characterizing mare deposits in the Australe region 2739
Ling & Wang Abundant bassanite and γ-CaSO4 in MIL 03346,168 meteorite 2598
Ming , Mittlefehldt, Gellert , Peretyazhko , Clark, Morris, Yen, Arvidson, Crumpler, Farrand, Grant, Jolliff, Parker, Schröder & the Athena Science Team Iron-manganese redox reactions in Endeavour crater rim apron rocks 2676
Mittlefehldt, Gellert, Ming, Morris, Schröder, Yen, Farrand, Arvidson, Franklin, Grant, Herkenhoff, Jolliff, & the Athena Science Team Noachian impact ejecta on Murray Ridge and pre-impact rocks on Wdowiak Ridge, Endeavour Crater, Mars: Opportunity observations 2705
Seddio & Valencia Comparing WDS analyses of minerals in lunar meteorite NWA 2727 Acquired using an electron microprobe and a scanning electron microscope 2992
Speyerer, Lawrence, Stopar, Robinson, & Jolliff Optimized traverse planning for future lunar polar prospectors 2299
Stadermann, Zanetti, Jolliff, & Hiesinger Revisiting the youngest mare basalts on the Moon: Analysis of primary and secondary crater distributions in the region south of Aristarchus 1269
Valencia, Jolliff, Korotev, & Seddio New compositional data for Apollo 12 samples 12013 and 12033: Insights into proto-lithologies 2884
Wei, Wang, & Connor Quantification of fluorescence emission from extraterrestrial materials and interference to micro-beam cw 532 nm Raman spectroscopy 2448
Wei, Wang, & Connor Comparing Raman signal strengths of biomarkers and minerals measured by a multi-wavelength Raman system 2168
Wang, Jacobsen, Sedaghatpour, Chen, & Korotev Lunar dunite reveals the same iron isotopic composition of the bulk silicate Earth and Moon 1980
Wittmann, Korotev, & Jolliff Lunar mantle spinel in Dhofar 1528? 1460
Wang & Jolliff Phyllosilicate-like species in Tagish Lake meteorite as seen by Raman spectroscopy 2493
Wang, Wei, Lu, & Connor Formation of chloride hydrates via vapor-solid reaction at low-T -- Implication for a H2O-rich cryosphere in Mars subsurface and on other icy planetary bodies 2483
Wilson, Eke, Massey, Elphic, Jolliff, Lawrence, Llewellin, McElwaine, & Teodoro Evidence for explosive silicic volcanism on the Moon from the extended distribution of thorium near the Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex 2081
Wittmann, Korotev, Jolliff & Irving Petrogenesis of lunar poikilitic impact melt meteorite Oued Awlitis 001 1141
Wu, Wang , Ling, Zhang, Li, & Ni Identification and detection limits of perchlorate-chlorate in mixtures by vibrational spectroscopy 2710
Zanetti, Stadermann, Jolliff, vander Bogert, Hiesinger, & Plescia Secondary cratering vs. target property effects on ejecta blankets of Copernican craters:
what are the implications for age dating using small-diameter crater statistics?

Zhou, Yin, Zeigler, Korotev, Jolliff, Wu, Li, Li, Liu, Tang, & Li U-Pb dating of phosphates in lunar meteorite Dhofar 1442 1771


authors title abstract number
Lambert, Wang, & Cooper Shifted-excitation Raman spectroscopic methodologies developed for the compact integrated Raman spectrometer (CIRS) 1136
Wang, Jolliff, Lambert, Menzies, Hutchinson, Wei, & Goetz A compact integrated Raman spectrometer, CIRS, for fine-scale mineralogy and bio-signature detection in planetary surface explorations of our Solar System 1090
Wei, Wang, Goetz, & Connor Quantification of fluorescence emission from extraterrestrial materials 1112
Wei, Wang, Lu, Connor, & Bradley The detection of biosignatures by micro-beam 532 nm laser Raman spectrometry 1117

77th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
September 2014, Casablanca, Morocco
authors title abstract number
Filiberto, Gross, Trela, Cannon, Penniston, Dorland, Wittmann,
Jolliff, Carpenter, Ferré, & Mustard

Gabbroic shergottite NorthWest Africa 6963
Korotev & Irving Lunar meteorites from northern Africa 5063
Mészáros, Hofmann, Korotev, Gnos, Greber, & Greenwood Petrology and geochemistry of lunar meteorite Abar al’ Uj 012 5008
Sipiera, Irving, Kuehner, Korotev, & Debienne Petrology and composition of unpaired 5.9 gram lunar feldspathic regolithic breccia meteorite Northwest Africa 7931 5198
Haenecour, Floss, Wang,
& Yada
Raman spectroscopy of organic matter in Antarctic micrometeorites 5039
Welten, Huber, Caffee, Wittmann, Kring, Wieler, & Nishiizumi What heated H/L chondrite LaPaz Icefield 031047 ~0.5 million years ago? 5422
Wittmann, Korotev, Jolliff, Chennaoui-Aoudjehane, & Irving Petrology and chemistry of a lunar feldspathic impact melt rock meteorite from Oued Awlitis, Morocco 5352
Zanetti, Wittmann, Nemchin, Carpenter, Vicenzi, & Jolliff
Decomposition of zircon in Mistastin Lake impact melt glass: An integrated SIMS, hyperspectral-Cl, Raman and EPMA study 5371

45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2014, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Carpenter, Jolliff, & Coman Mineralogy and chemistry of Ti-bearing lunar soils and size fractions 2787
Clegg, Jolliff, Boyd, & Hawke Compositional constraints on lunar silicic volcanic regions using LROC NAC photometry 1256
Clegg, Jolliff, Boyd, Robinson, & Plescia Photometric characterization of the Chang'e 3 landing site using LROC NAC images 1625
Connor & Wang Origin of martian kieserit 2750
Irving, Kuehner, Ziegler, Conrey, Korotev, Huber, Riebe, Wieler, Nishiizumi, Caffee, Moser, Barker, & Chaoui An enigmatic young(?) ferrogabbroic “achondrite” from Morocco containing zirconolite, baddeleyite, fluorapatite and copper sulfides 2418
Jolliff & Petro Recent mission observations provide scientific context and enabling support for future exploration of the Moon’s South Pole-Aitken Basin 2357
Korotev & Irving Keeping up with the lunar meteorites – 2014 1405
Kuehner, Irving, & Korotev Petrology and composition of lunar mafic granulitic meteorites and occurrence of forsterite in lunar breccia Northwest Africa 8001 2495
Lauber, Zanetti, & Jolliff Small-scale thorium anomalies on the Moon and possible volcanic connections 2898
Miley, Agee, Korotev, Muttik, & Morgan Northwest Africa 8010: Feldspathic regolith breccia with abundant crystalline lunar spherules 2823
North-Valencia & Jolliff Petrography and mineral compositions of 12013,165 2663
North-Valencia, Jolliff, & Korotev Ferroan gabbro and leucogabbro lithologies in NWA 3170, possible petrogenetic link, and comparison to NWA 2727 2858
Singer, Jolliff, & McKinnon Lunar secondary craters measured using LROC imagery: Size-velocity distributions of ejected fragments 1162
Wang, Sobron, Zheng, Kong, Ma, & Zhao Preservation of highly hydrated salts in subsurface ata hyperarid region on Tibet plateau 2636
Wang & Zhou Rates of Al-, Fe-, Mg-, Ca-sulfates dehydration under Mars relevant conditions 2614
Wei, Wang, Lu, Connor, Bradley, Marshall, & Steele The detection of biosignatures by laser Raman spectroscopy for Mars exploration 2847
Wei, Wang, Lambert, Wettergreen, Cabrol,
Warren-Rhodes, & the LITA team
Automated core sample analysis by the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) on-board the Zoë rover in Atacama: A terrestrial test for Mars exploration 2428
Wittmann, Korotev, & Jolliff Third of a kind – Impact melted granulitic breccia meteorite Dhofar 1766 1182
Zanetti, Stadermann, Krüger, van der Bogert, Hiesinger, & Jolliff Mapping crater density variation on Copernican ejecta blankets: Evidence for auto-secondary cratering at Tycho and Aristarchus 1528
Zeigler, Jolliff, & Korotev Apollo 16 evolved lithology sodic ferrogabbro 2005

International GeoRaman 11
June 2012, St. Louis
authors title abstract number
Connor & Wang Laser Raman spectroscopic study of the dehydration and rehydration processes of ferrous sulfates 5008
Haenecour, Floss, Wang, & Yada Coordinated analysis of isotopic anomalies in Antarctic micrometeorites 5017
Lambert, Wang, Cooper, & Liu Fluorescence rejection in planetary materials using shifted-excitation Raman spectroscopic methodologies 5071
Ling & Wang Secondary minerals in Martian meteorite MIL 03346 as detected by Raman imaging spectroscopy 5089
Liu & Wang Dehydration of Mars relevant ferric sulfates at high temperatures studied by laser
Raman spectroscopy
Wang & Connor Understanding the nature of inter-bedded sulfate stratigraphy on Mars 5006
Wang, Sobron, Zheng, Kong, Ma, & Zhao Laser Raman spectroscopic study of subsurface salts from Dalangtan on Tibet Plateau — A Mars analog site study
Wei, Wang, Lu, Connor, Bradley, Marshall & Steele The detection of biosignatures by laser Raman spectroscopy for Mars exploration 5013
Wei, Wang, Lambert, Wettergreen, Cabrol, Warren-Rhodes, &the LITA team Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) on-board the Zoë rover in the Atacama Desert 5012

8th International Conference on Mars
July 2014,
Pasadena, CA
authors title abstract number
Poulet, Carter, Arvidson, Bibring, Flahaut, Murchie, Ruff, & Wang Merging in situ and orbital analyses of martian hydrated minerals 1109
Wang Nature, formation, and climatic meaning of interbedded su lfate stratigraphy on Mars 1058
Wang Source materials, processes, and rates for recurring slope lineae (RSL) generation on
Wang & Connor Stability fields of hydrous ferrous sulfates and their pathways in dehydration Rehydration processes 1070
Wei, Wang, Lambert, Wettergreen, Cabrol, Warren, Rhodes, Kong, & Zheng Detecting biosignatures on Mars: Lessons learned from Mars analog site studies 1369


76th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
July-August 2013, Edmonton, Canada
authors title abstract number
Bouvier, Romaniello, Wadhwa, Korotev, & Hartmann Pb-Pb dating of Apollo 67016 and MIL 090034 lunar impact breccias 5312
Korotev Composition of Lynch 002 lunar meteorite 5021
Korotev, Rumble, & Irving Elemental and oxygen isotopic composition of martian mafic regolith breccia NWA 7475 5046
Wittmann, Korotev, Jolliff, & Lapen Trace element composition of impact melts in lunar meteorite Shisr 161 5262
Wittmann, Korotev, Jolliff, Kuehner, & Irving Petrology of Impact melt rich martian regolith breccia Northwest Africa 7475 5272

44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2013, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Agee, Korotev, & Irving Petrology and bulk composition of two lunar fragmental breccias: Northwest Africa 7493 and Northwest Africa 7611 2629
Cabrol, Wettergreen, & Life in the Atacama Project Team (Wang, Sobron) Life in the Atacama: Science and technology pathways to the robotic search for life on Mars  
Carpenter, North, Jolliff, & Donovan EPMA quantitative compositional mapping and analysis of lunar samples 1827
Clegg, Jolliff, Robinson, Hapke, & Plescia Photometry of lunar landing sites using LROC NAC images and Hapke modeling 2171
Farrand, Ruff, Rice, Rice, Arvidson, Jolliff, Squyres, Knoll, Bell, & Johnson Veins in Matijevic Hill lithologic units observed by Opportunity 2482
Kong, Zheng, Kong, Wang, Chen, & Hu Sedimentary salts at Dalangtan Playa and its implication for the formation and preservation of martian salts 1336
Haenecour, Floss, Jolliff, & Carpenter Presolar grains in fine-grained chondrule rims: Re-equilibration of oxygen isotopic compositions in some presolar silicates by heating 1150
Herkenhoff, Arvidson, Jolliff, & Weitz Recent results from the Opportunity microscopic imager 2462
Jolliff & Korotev Basin excavation, lower crust composition, and bulk moon mass balance in light of a thin crust 2655
Korotev Siderophile elements in brecciated lunar meteorites 1028
Korotev & Irving Keeping up with the lunar meteorites - 2013 1216
Lawrence, Stopar, Robinson, Hawke, Jolliff, & Giguere Mare deposits in the Australe region: Extent, topography, and stratigraphy 2671
Lu & Wang Stability and phase transition pathways of OH-bearing ferric sulfates under the conditions relevant to diurnal, seasonal, and obliquity cycles on Mars 2634
North, Jolliff, & Korotev Pyroxene composition in lunar meteorite NWA 2727 and comparison to NWA 7007 3013
Petro & Jolliff Thin crust in the South Pole-Aitken basin and samples from the mantle? Implications for South Pole-Aitken basin sampling in light of recent GRAIL results 2724
Petro, Isaacson, Pieters, Jolliff, Carter, & Klima Presence of OH/H20 associated with the lunar Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex identified by the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) 2688
Poulet, Carter, Wang, & Ruff Integrating in situ and orbital data of Mars: A water story at Gusev Crater 1414
Seddio, Wang, Jolliff, & Korotev Raman imaging of a granitic lunar breccia 2568
Seddio, Wang, Korotev, & Jolliff Silica polymorphs in lunar granite 2660
Shirley, Zanetti, Jolliff, van der Bogert, & Hiesinger Crater size-frequency distribution measurements and age of the Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex 2469
Sobron, Lefebvre, Koujelev, & Wang Why Raman and LIBS for exploring icy moons? 2381
Wang, Lambert, Sobron, & Life in the Atacama Project Team An instrument suite for mineral id and biomarker seeking in Atacama 2586
Wang, Lu, & Chou Recurring slope lineae (RSL) and subsurface chloride hydrates on Mars 2606
Wittmann, Korotev, & Jolliff Fe-Ni(-Co) metal in lunar rocks revisited 3035
Wittmann, Korotev, & Jolliff Feldspathic granulite clasts in lunar meteorite Shisr 161 – Cumulates from a differentiated basin melt sheet? 2061
Zanetti, Jolliff, van der Bogert, & Hiesinger New determination of crater size-frequency distribution variation on continuous ejecta deposits: results from Aristarchus Crater 1842
Zeigler & Korotev Petrography and geochemistry of feldspathic lunar meteorite Larkman Nunatak 06638 1767
Zeigler, Jolliff, & Korotev Lunar meteorites Sayh al Uhaymir 449 and Dhofar 925, 960, and 961: Windows into South Pole-Aitken basin? 2437
Zhou & Wang A laboratory simulation experiment of hydrothermal processes on Mars 2638
Zhou & Wang A comparison of dehydration processes of Al-, Fe2+-, & Mg-sulfates under Mars relevant pressures and three temperatures 1797

GSA 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting
October 2013, Denver, CO
authors title abstract number
Wang & Freeman Laser Raman spectroscopic characterization of common zeolites 44-9
Wang, Liu, Marshall, & Alex Bradley The detection of biomarkers in salt mixtures by laser Raman spectroscopy 44-4
Wei, Lambert, Wang, Wettergreen, Cabrol, & Warren-Rhodes Analysis of autonomous robotic core materials by the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) during the “Life in the Atacama” 2013 rover field campaign in Chile 11-11


AGU Fall Meeting
December 2012, San Francisco, CA
authors title abstract number
Clegg, Jolliff, Robinson, Hapke, & Plescia Effects of rocket exhaust on lunar soil reflectance properties P43B-1931
Jolliff, Lawrence, Stopar, Braden, Hawke, Robinson, Glotch, Greenhagen, & Seddio Felsic volcanics on the Moon P42A-09
Lu & Wang Recurring slope lineae (RSL) and chloride hydrates within Mars subsurface P24B-03
Sobron, Lefebvre, Leveille, Koujelev, Haltigin, Du, Wang, Cabrol, Zacny, & Craft Geochemical analysis of layered outcrops using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) - Implications for Mars exploration P11E-1879
Wang, Feldman, Mellon & Zheng Preservation of subsurface sulfates with mid-to-high degree of hydration in equatorial regions on Mars

Second Conference on the Lunar Highlands Crust
July 2012, Bozeman, MT
Copyrighted by and presented courtesy of the Lunar and Planetary Institute
authors title abstract number
Jolliff, Stopar, Lawrence, Robinson, & Hawke New views of silicic volcanism on the Moon 9037
Korotev, Jolliff, & Zeigler What lunar meteorites tell us about the lunar highlands crust 9003
Wittmann, Korotev, Jolliff, & Irving Spherules and glasses in lunaite Shisr 161 record reworked regolith and a magnesian component of the Feldspathic Highlands Terrane 9019
Zanetti & Jolliff Aristarchus crater as a probe of the lunar crusts most fractionated rock types 9031
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Feldspathic lunar meteorite Graves Nunataks 06157, a magnesian piece of the lunar highlands crust

International GeoRaman 10
June 2012, Nancy, France
authors title abstract number
Wang Subsurface hydrous salts and obliquity cycle on Mars  
Wang Raman imaging of extraterrestrial materials  
Wei, Wang, Lambert, Wettergreen, Cabrol, Warren-Rhodes, &the LITA team Automated core sample analysis by the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) on-board the Zoë rover in Atacama: A terrestrial test for Mars exploration  

2012 Goldschmidt Conference
June 2012, Montreal, Canada
authors title abstract number
Sobron, Wang, Mayer, Sobron, Kong, and Zheng Integrated geochemical and mineralogical investigation of lake deposits at Da Langtan (China): implications for surface processes on Mars  

Astrobiology Science Conference 2012
April 2012, Atlanta, GA
authors title abstract number
Wang Habitability in subsurface at equatorial regions on Mars  

ASCE Earth and Space 2012 Conference
April 2012, Pasadena, CA
authors title abstract number
Clegg, Jolliff, & Metzger Photometric analysis of the Apollo landing sites 227

43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2012, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Accardo, Jolliff, & Lawrence Boulder densities at the Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex 1656
Clegg & Jolliff Photometric analysis of the Apollo landing sites 2030
Clegg, Sharma, Misra, Dyar, Dallmann, Wiens, Vaniman, Speicher, Smrekar, Wang, Maurice, & Esposito Raman & laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) remote geochemical analysis under Venus atmospheric pressure 2105
Du & Wang Raman imaging of extraterrestrial materials 2221
Herzog, Delaney, Lindsay, Alexander, Chakrabarti, Jacobsen, Whattam, Korotev & Zeigler Magnesium and silicon isotopes in HASP glasses from Apollo 16 lunar soil 61241 1579
Jolliff, Zanetti, Shirley, Accardo, Lauber, Robinson, & Greenhagen Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex 2097
Korotev, Irving, & Bunch Keeping up with the lunar meteorites - 2012 1152
Kuehner, Irving, & Korotev Petrology and composition of lunar meteorite Northwest Africa 7022: An unusually sodic anorthositic gabbroic impact melt breccia with compositional similarities to Miller Range 090036 1524
Kuehner, Irving, & Korotev Petrology and composition of lunar mare ferroan gabbro breccia Northwest Africa 7007: New insights into the complex petrogenesis of Northwest Africa 773 and siblings 1519
Liu & Wang Dehydration of Na-jarosite, ferricopiapite, and rhomboclase at high T and implications on martian ferric sulfates 2791
Lu & Wang Synthesis and spectral characterization of OH-bearing ferric sulfates 2514
Murchie, Chabot, Yen, Arvidson, Maki, Trebi-Ollennu, Wang, Gellert, Daly, Rivkin, Seelos, Eng, Guo, & Adams MERLIN: Mars-Moon Exploration, Reconnaissance and Landed Investigation 2569
Seddio, Jolliff, Korotev, & Carpenter Thorite in an Apollo 12 granite fragment and age determination using the electron microprobe 2704
Seddio, Korotev, & Jolliff Two Apollo 12 granite rock fragments: Evidence for the proximal coexistence of high-Th impact melt breccia and granite 1006
Shaulis, Righter, Lapen, Korotev, Irving, & Kuehner Baddeleyite chronology of Northwest Africa 6950: A 3.1 GA lunar olivine gabbro paired with NWA 2977 and the cumulate mare gabbro lithology in NWA 773 2236
Shirley, Zanetti, Jolliff, van der Bogert, & Hiesinger
Crater size-frequency distribution measurements at the Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex
Sobron, Amundsen, Bauer, Bishop, Jordan, Josset, Josset, Leveille, Pugh, Schmitz, Steele, & Wang In-situ investigation of Devonian redbed sediments in Bockfjord (Svalbard, Norway) as a martian analogue 2631
Wang Subsurface hydrous salts and obliquity cycle on Mars 2172
Wang In situ laser Raman spectroscopy for Mars sample return mission 2149
Wittmann, Goderis, & Claeys Depositional record of pristine impactites and traces of the projectile in El’gygytgyn crater 1999
Zanetti, Jolliff, van der Bogert, & Hiesinger Equal-area radial crater counts at large Copernican craters: Implications for late-stage ejecta emplacement 2131
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Pairing relationships among feldspathic lunar meteorites from Miller Range, Antarctica 2377
Zhou & Wang Potential existence of Al-bearing sulfates on Mars and their spectral characteristics 2289
Zhou, Zeigler, Yin, Korotev, Jolliff, Amelin, Marti, Wu, Li, Li, Lin, Liu & Tang U-Pb dating of zircons and phosphates in lunar meteorites, acapulcoites and angrites 1554


Exploring Mars Habitability
December 5-9, San Francisco, CA
authors title abstract number
Wang A potential habitable environment within the salt-rich subsurface in equatorial regions on Mars 2172071

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2011 Conference
August 2011, Nashville, TN
authors title abstract number
Seddio, Jolliff, Korotev, & Carpenter Back-scattered electron tomography and X-ray microanalysis of zirconolite in lunar granite 12032,366-19  

74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
August 2011, Greenwich, England
authors title abstract number
Bouvier, Wadhwa, Korotev, & Hartmann U-Pb chronology of two lunar impact melt breccias 5185
Korotev Lunar meteorites from Antarctica and Oman 5073

AGU Fall Meeting
June 2011, Lisbon, Portugal
authors title abstract number
Wang & Sobron Characterization of phyllosilicates by LIBS and laser Raman spectroscopy 1188942

42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2011, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Carpenter, Edmunson, Cohen, Zeigler, & Jolliff First lunar occurrence of keiviite-(Y) in troctolitic anorthosite 76335 2767
Clegg, Sharma, Misra, Dyar, Hecht, Lambert, Feldman, Dallmann, Wiens, Humphries, Vaniman, Speicher, Carmosino, Smrekar, Treiman, Wang, Maurice, & Esposito Remote Raman – Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) geochemical investigation under Venus atmospheric conditions 1450
Cohen, Jolliff, Bierhaus, Clark, Clegg, Elphic, Glavin, Hagerty, Lawrence, Mahaffy, Wang, & Wiens The case for in situ exploration of volatile deposits at the lunar poles 1425
Farrand, Bell, Clark, Edgar, Hayes, Johnson, & Jolliff Color banding within the inner rims of craters in Meridiani Planum: Observations by the Opportunity Pancam and HiRISE 2359
Gibson & Jolliff Correlation of surface units and FeO concentrations in the South Pole-Aitken Basin interior 2326
Jolliff, Gibson, & Scholten South Pole-Aitken Basin interior: Topographic expression of mare, cryptomare, and nonmare plains units 2774
Jolliff, Tran, Lawrence, Robinson, Scholten, Oberst, Hawke, Hiesinger, van der Bogert, Greenhagen, Wiseman, Glotch, & Paige Compton-Belkovich: Nonmare, silicic volcanism on the Moon's far side 2224
Kong, Jolliff, & Wang Ti distribution in grain-size fractions of Apollo soils 10084 and 71501 1641
Korotev, Jolliff, & Carpenter Miller Range feldspathic lunar meteorites 1999
Kuebler, Wang, & Jolliff Review of terrestrial laihunite and stilpnomelane analogs, identified as potential secondary alteration phases in MIL 03346 1022
Lawrence, Denevi, Hawke, Giguere, Robinson, Stopar, Tran, Jolliff, Bussey, & Stelling Size frequency distributions of blocks on lunar volcanic landforms: Results from LROC 2422
Lindsay, Herzog, Albarède, & Korotev Elemental and isotopic abundances of Fe, Cu and Zn in low-ti lunar basalts 1907
Marion, Osinski, Antonenko, Barfoot, Battler, Beauchamp, Cloutis, Cupelli, Chanou, Daly, Ferrière, Flemming, Francis, Ghafoor, Grieve, Hodges, Hussain, Jolliff, Mader, McCullough, Otto, Preston, Redman, Shankar, Singleton, Stooke, Sylvester, Tornabene, Unrau, & Veillette A lunar analogue mission: Sample return to the South Pole-Aitken Basin 2515
Petro & Jolliff Basin and crater ejecta contributions to the South Pole-Aitken Basin (SPA) regolith: Positive implications for robotic surface samples 2637
Seddio, Jolliff, Korotev, and Zeigler Fragments of granite in Apollo 12 regolith: Pieces of 12013? 2381
Sobron & Wang Spectral data processing for LIBS quantitative elemental analysis of geological samples 1640
Sobron & Wang Low-temperature Raman spectroscopy of materials relevant for planetary exploration 1580
Tran, Robinson, Lawrence, Braden, Plescia, Hawke, Jolliff, Stopar, & LROC Team Morphometry of Lunar volcanic domes from LROC 2228
Wang, Zheng, Kong, Ling, Kong, Sobron, and Jolliff A low T, high RH, and potentially life-friendly environment within the martian salt-rich subsurface in equatorial regions 2049
Zanetti, Hiesinger, van der Bogert, Reiss, & Jolliff Aristarchus Crater: Mapping of impact melt and absolute age determination 2330
Zanetti, Hiesinger, van der Bogert, & Jolliff Observation of stratified ejecta blocks at Aristarchus Crater 2262
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Petrography and geochemistry of lunar meteorite Dhofar 1442 1012


AGU Fall Meeting
December 2010, San Francisco, CA
authors title abstract number
Wang, Zheng, Kong, Sobron, & Mayer Saline playas on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as Mars analog for the formation-preservation of hydrous salts and biosignatures  

International GeoRaman 9
June-July 2010, Sydney, Australia
authors title abstract number
Marshall & Wang Considerations for the collection of Raman spectra of potential Martian biosignatures  
Sobron, Sansano, & Wang Defining laser power requirements for heat-sensitive samples for the Raman instrument on ExoMars Mission  
Wang, Ling, Freeman, Kong, & Sobron Ferric sulfates on Mars – Mission observations and laboratory investigations using Raman spectroscopy  

authors title abstract number
Korotev Twenty-eight years of lunar meteorites  
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff The Dhofar 961 Meteorite Group: A View into the Interior of South Pole Aitken Basin?  

2010 Goldschmidt Conference
June 2010, Knoxville, Tennessee
authors title abstract number
Jolliff, Korotev, & Zeigler The role of South Pole-Aitken Basin in understanding impact history and the origin of the lunar crust  

Global Lunar Conference
May-June 2010, Beijing, China
authors title abstract number
Wang & Freeman In situ characterization of H2O/OH-bearing species in lunar polar regions  
Wang, Ling, & Jolliff Raman and mid-IR sensors for process control of ISRU on the Moon  

Astrobiology Science Conference 2010
April 2010, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Kong, Zheng, Wang, Ma, & Amend Microbes in evaporite salts on Tibet Plateau as analog for martian life in salt environments 5227
Wang, Freeman, and Bell Potential habitable zone within the subsurface of equatorial region on Mars 5400

41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2010, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Carpenter, Zeigler, & Jolliff
Advances in defocused-beam electron-probe microanalysis 2656
Denevi, Robinson, Hapke, Lawrence, Wiseman, Jolliff, & LROC Team
Global ultraviolet through visible color observations of the moon with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter wide angle camera
Edmunson, Cohen, Carpenter, Zeigler, & Jolliff Yttrium silicate in lunar troctolitic anorthosite 76335 2627
Gibson, Jolliff, Zeigler, & Korotev Testing petrogenetic relationships of the lunar NWA 773 meteorite clan with nickel & cobalt in olivine 2593
Irving, Kuehner, Herd, Gellissen, Korotev, Puchtel, Walker, Lapen, & Rumble Petrologic, elemental and multi-isotopic characterization of permafic olivine-phyric shergottite Northwest Africa 5789: A primitive magma derived from depleted martian mantle 1547
Jolliff, Alkalai, Pieters, Head, Papanastassiou, & Bierhaus Sampling the South Pole-Aitken basin: Objectives and site selection criteria 2450
Jolliff, Wiseman, Lawrence, Tran, & LROC Science Team Scientific return from systematic imaging of the constellation exploration sites: Compton-Belkovich example 2412
Kong & Wang Planetary laser Raman spectroscopy for surface exploration on C/D-type asteroids – A case study
Kong, Wang, & Chou Determination of phase boundary between kornelite and pentahydrated ferric sulfate by humidity buffer technique and Raman spectroscopy at 0.1 MPa
Korotev, Jolliff, & Zeigler On the origin of the Moon's feldspathic highlands, pure anorthosite, and feldspathic lunar meteorites 1440
Korotev, Zeigler, & Jolliff New geochemical constraints on pairing of the Dhofar 961 clan of lunar meteorites 2126
Kuehner, Irving, Gellissen, & Korotev Petrology and composition of lunar troctolitic granulite Northwest Africa 5744: A unique recrystallized, magnesian crustal sample 1552
Lawrence, Stopar, Hawke, Gaddis, Robinson, Denevi, Giguere, Jolliff, Braden, & LROC Science Team LROC observations of the Marius Hills 1906
Liu, Jolliff, Zeigler, Wan, Zhang, Dong, & Korotev A 3.91 billion year age for Apollo 12 high-thorium impact-melt breccias: Products of Imbrium, or an older impact basin in the Procellarum KREEP Terrane? 2477
Mittlefehldt, Gellert, Herkenhoff, Morris, Clark, Cohen, Fleischer, Jolliff, Klingelhöfer, Ming, & Yingst Marquette Island: A distinct mafic lithology discovered by Opportunity 2109
Peng, Wang, & Jolliff Hydrothermal process on Mars – Mission observations and a laboratory simulation experiment 2586
Robinson, Eliason, Hiesinger, Jolliff, McEwen, Malin, Ravine, Thomas, Turtle, Bowman-Cisneros, & LROC Team Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera: First results 1874
Seddio, Korotev, Jolliff, & Zeigler Comparing the bulk chemistry of lunar granites, with petrologic implications 2688
Sobron & Wang A planetary environment and analysis chamber equipped with multiple spectroscopic sensors 1994
Sobron, Alpers, & Wang LIBS/Raman investigation of Mars-related sulfates from Iron Mountain, California 2595
Wang, Freeman, Sobron, & Lambert A miniaturized near infrared instrument for detecting H2O/OH, sulfates, carbonates and organic species during planetary surface explorations
Wang, Ling, & Freeman Stability fields and phase transition pathways of ferric sulfates in 50°C to 5°C temperature range
Zeigler, Jolliff, & Korotev Petrography and pairing relationships of lunar meteorites Sayh al Uhaymir 449 and Dhofar 925, 960, and 961 1985


AGU Fall Meeting
December, San Francisco, CA
authors title abstract number
Wang & Freeman Laboratory experiments and investigations on the reaction rates of Mg-sulfates under Mars relevant conditions 720193

authors title abstract number
Bunch, Irving, Rumble, Korotev, Wittke & Sipiera Northwest Africa 2824; another eucrite-like sample from the Ibitira parent body? 5367
Irving, Kuehner, Rumble, Korotev, & Clary Moapa Valley: A second non-Antarctic CM1 chondrite from Nevada, USA 5372

authors title abstract number
Jolliff Lunar crustal rock types, global distribution, and targeting 6040
Gaddis, Robinson, Hawke, Giguere, Gustafson, Lawrence, Stopar, Jolliff, & Bell LRO targeting of lunar pyroclastic deposits 6025
Korotev Lunar surface geochemistry and lunar meteorites 6005
Stopar, Hawke, Lawrence, Robinson, Giguere, Gaddis, & Jolliff LROC targeting of lunar domes, cones, and associated volcanic features 6039

40th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2009, The Woodlands, TX
authors title abstract number
Bunch, Irving, Wittke, Rumble, Korotev, Gellissen, & Palme Petrology and composition of Northwest Africa 2990: A new type of fine-grained, enriched, olivine-phyric shergottite 2274
Carpenter, Zeigler, Jolliff, Vicenzi, Davis, & Donovan Advances in electron-probe microanalysis and compositional mapping: Applications to lunar samples
Chemtob, Rossman, Eiler, & Jolliff Silica coatings on the 1974 kilauea flow: new sem and sims results and implications for Mars
Fernandes, Korotev, & Renne 40Ar-39Ar ages and chemical composition for lunar mare basalts: NWA 4734 and NWA 4898 1045
Fernandes, Irving, Kuehner, Gellissen, Korotev, & Bandfield Petrology, bulk composition, Ar-Ar age and IR emission spectrum of lunar granulite Northwest Africa 4881
Foreman, Korotev, Zeigler, Wittmann, Kring, Irving, & Kuehner Petrographic and geochemical analysis of feldspathic lunar meteorite Shişr 161 2304
Freeman, Wang, & Ling Ferric sulfates on Mars: mission observations and laboratory investigations 2284
Freeman & Wang Hydrated magnesium sulfates below 0°C - Stable phases and polymorphs 2301
Jolliff, Korotev, Zeigler, & Prettyman Connecting lunar meteorite Dhofar 961 to the South Pole-Aitken Basin through Lunar Prospector gamma-ray data 2555
Jolliff, Lawrence, Stopar, Robinson, Gaddis, & Hawke Targeting the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter narrow angle cameras: Target sources and selection strategy 2343
Kong, Wang, Freeman, & Sobron A comprehensive spectroscopic study (Raman, MIR, VIS_NIR, LIBS, XRD) of synthetic Fe2+, Fe3+, Mg2+ , Al3+ copiapites 1659
Kong, Zheng, Wang, & Ma Endolithic halophiles found in evaporite salts on Tibet plateau as a potential analog for martian life in saline environment 1216
Korotev, Zeigler, Irving, & Bunch Keeping up with the lunar meteorites - 2009 1137
Ling, Wang, & Li Comparative spectroscopic study of three ferric sulfates: kornelite, lausenite and pentahydrate
Ling, Wang, Jolliff, Li, Liu, Bian, Ren, Mu, & Su Raman spectroscopic study of quartz in lunar soils from Apollo 14 and 15 missions 1823
Liu, Wang, & Freeman Raman, MIR, and NIR spectroscopic study of calcium sulfates: gypsum, bassanite, and anhydrite 2128
Liu, Wan, Zhang, Dong, Jolliff, Zeigler, & Korotev Age of zircons in the impact-melt breccia in SaU 169 lunar meteorite: Beijing SHRIMP IIstudy
Mayer, Arvidson, Wang, Sobron, & Zheng Mapping minerals at a potential Mars analog site on the Tibetan plateau 1877
Rice, Bell, Cloutis, Wang, Ruff, Craig, Bailey, Johnson, de Souza, & Farrand Silica-rich deposits and hydrated minerals at Gusev Crater, Mars 2134
Seddio, Jolliff, Korotev, & Zeigler A newly characterized granite from the Apollo 12 regolith 2285
Seddio, Korotev, Jolliff, & Zeigler Petrographic diversity in Apollo 12 regolith rock particles 2415
Sobron & Wang Raman and LIBS: A definitive combination for the characterization of natural samples from the Rio Tinto Mars analog 2400
Sobron, Freeman, & Wang Field test of the water-wheel IR (WIR) spectrometer on evaporative salt deposits at Tibetan plateau
Wang & Freeman Pathways and rates of Mg-sulfate dehydration and rehydration on Mars 2029
Wang & Zheng Evaporative salts from saline lakes on Tibet plateau: An analog for salts on Mars
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff A study of Apollo 16 feldspathic glasses: Locally produced or ballistically deposited? 2533
Zheng, Wang, Kong, & Ma Saline lakes on Qinghai-Tibet plateau and salts on Mars 1454

authors title abstract number
Wang Planetary Raman spectroscopic study for understanding Venus evolution history 2003


AGU Fall Meeting
December, San Francisco, CA
authors title abstract number
Wang, Ling, & Freeman Ferric sulfates on Mars: Surface exploration and laboratory experiments  

authors title abstract number
Jolliff Geochemistry and petrology of the Moon: New insights from new missions 50466
Jolliff Speciation and distribution of TiO2 in lunar regolith: Implications for future exploration 49500
Korotev The lunar crust as viewed via lunar meteorites 49497
Kuebler, Jolliff, & Treiman Aqueous alteration of olivine in martian meteorites at microscopic scales 49724
Zeigler, Jolliff, Korotev, & Carpenter Trace element analysis and classification of lunar plagioclase and olivine by electron microprobe 49509

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2008 Conference
August 2008, Albuquerque, NM
authors title abstract number
Jolliff, Zeigler, Carpenter, Korotev, Vicenzi, & Davis X-ray mapping analyses of lunar meteorite Dhofar 961: Characterization and origin of the mafic impact-melt component  
Zeigler, Carpenter, Jolliff, & Korotev Trace-element analyses in lunar meteorite Sayh al Uhaymir 169  

authors title abstract number
Hudgins, Spray, Kelley, Korotev, & Sherlock A laser probe 40Ar/39Ar and INAA investigation of four Apollo granulitic breccias 5102

2008 Goldschmidt Conference
July 2008, Vancouver, Canada
authors title abstract number
Korotev Using composition to assess pairing relationships among lunaites 0209
Zeigler, Jolliff, Korotev, & Carpenter Determination of Sr concentrations in lunar plagioclase by electron microprobe analysis 2069

GeoRaman 8
June 2008, Ghent, Belgium
authors title abstract number
Ling, Wang, Jolliff, Arvidson, & Xia A new phase of hydrated ferric sulfates, lausenite?  
Wang, Freeman, & Arvidson Mystery of martian kieserite  

39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2008, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Foreman, Korotev, Jolliff, & Zeigler Petrology and geochemistry of Dhofar 733 - An unusually sodic, feldspathic lunar meteorite 1853
Freeman, Jin, & Wang D2O substitution experiment on hydrated iron and magnesium sulfates & its application for spectral interpretation of martian sulfates 2390
Freeman, Wang, & Lambert An active source, NIR, reflectance spectrometer in a rover wheel, waterwheel IR (WIR), for soil characterization in future Mars surface exploration 2190
Greshake, Irving, Kuehner, Korotev, Gellissen, & Palme Northwest Africa 4898: A new high-alumina mare basalt from the Moon 1631
Irving, Kuehner, Korotev, Rumble, & Hupé Petrology and bulk composition of large lunar feldspathic leucogabbroic breccia Northwest Africa 5000 2168
Irving, Bunch, Kuehner, Korotev, & Classen Unique ultramafic shergottite Northwest Africa 4797: A highly shocked martian wehrlite cumulate related to enriched basaltic (not “lherzoliticâ€) shergottites 2047
Jolliff The composition of the lunar crust and some unanswered questions 2535
Jolliff, Zeigler, Korotev, Carpenter, Vicenzi, & Davis Mafic impact-melt components in lunar meteorite Dhofar 961 2519
Korotev, Irving, & Bunch Keeping up with the lunar meteorites – 2008 1209
Ling, Wang, Jolliff, Arvidson, & Xia Mineralogy of three lunar soil endmembers by Raman, mid-IR, and Vis-NIR spectroscopic studies 1458
Ling, Wang, Jolliff, Arvidson, & Xia A systematic Raman, mid-IR, and Vis-NIR spectroscopic study of ferric sulfates and implications for sulfates on Mars 1463
McCubbin, Nekvasil, Jolliff, Carpenter, & Zeigler A survey of lunar apatite volatile contents for determining bulk lunar water: How dry is "bone dry" 1788
O'Donnell, Jolliff, Zeigler, & Korotev Petrography and geochemistry of the polymict pegolith breccia NWA 3136 2507
Wang, Bell, Rice, & Cloutis Coexistence of Si-rich & S-rich materials at Gusev Crater, Columbia Hills 2186
Wang, Freeman, & Arvidson Study of two structural polymorphs of MgSO4•H2O by Raman, IR, XRD, and humidity buffer experiments – Implication for martian kieserite
Zhang & Jolliff Aristarchus region: A potential location for future surface exploration 2534
Zeigler, Jolliff, Korotev, Rumble, Carpenter, & Wang Petrology, geochemistry, and likely provenance of unique achondrite Graves Nunataks 06128 2456


authors title abstract number
Wang Sulfates On Mars – From the eye of Raman-LIBs system on ExoMars Mission  

authors title abstract number
Wang, Ling, & Jolliff Planetary Raman spectroscopy for surface exploration and in situ resource utilization on the Moon 3055

authors title abstract number
Wang Raman spectroscopy – Science and instrumentation  

2007 Goldschmidt Conference
August 2007, Köln, Germany
authors title abstract number
Gellissen, Palme, Korotev, & Irving NWA 2999, an angrite with unusual bulk chemistry or a new type of achondrite?  
Podosek, Marty, Zimmerman, Korotev & Ozima Terrestrial atmospheric nitrogen in lunar soils?  

authors title abstract number
Irving, Kuehner, Korotev, & Hupé Baby basaltic shergottite NWA 4480: An Eu-anomalous martian magma related to “lherzolitic†shergottites 5127
Jolliff, Zeigler, Carpenter, & Korotev Lunar meteorite Dhofar 961, mafic impact-melt breccia: Petrographic components and possible provenance 5311
Korotev, Bartoschewitz, Kurtz, & Kurtz Sayh al Uhaymir 300 – The most mafic of the feldspathic lunar meteorites 5006
Korotev, Zeigler, & Jolliff Do we have a meteorite from the South Pole-Aitken Basin of the Moon? 5257

7th International Conference on Mars
July 2007,
Los Angeles, CA
authors title abstract number
Wang, Bell, Li, Johnson, Farrand, Arvidson, Crumpler, Squyres, Herkenhoff, Knudson, & Athena team Sulfate-rich soils exposed by Spirit rover at multiple locations in Gusev Crater on Mars 3348

AGU 2007 Joint Assembly
May 2007, Acapulco, Mexico

authors title abstract number
Jolliff Lunar surface composition and diversity P31A-02
Korotev & Jolliff Using lunar regolith composition as a geologic tool P31A-03
Wang, Bell, Li, Johnson, Arvidson, & Crumpler Salty soils at Gusev Crater investigated by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit P32A-07

38th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2007, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Freeman, Wang, & Jolliff MgSO4.11H2O - powder XRD, Raman and VIS-NIR spectroscopic characterization 1197
Freeman, Wang, & Jolliff Pathways to form kieserite from epsomite at mid to low temperatures, with relevance to Mars 1298
Gellissen, Palme, Korotev, & Irving NWA 2999, a unique angrite with a large chondritic component 1612
Irving, Kuehner, Korotev, & Hupé Petrology and bulk composition of primitive enriched olivine basaltic
shergottite Northwest Africa 4468

Jolliff, Zeigler, & Korotev Compositional characteristics and petrogenetic relationships among the NWA 773 clan of lunar meteorites 1489
Jollifff, Gellert, Mittlefehldt, & the Athena Science Team More on the possible composition of the Meridiani hematite-rich concretions 2279
Korotev & Zeigler Keeping up with the lunar meteorites 1340
Kuebler, Jolliff, & Treiman A survey of alteration products and other secondary minerals in martian meteorites recovered from Antarctica 2228
Kuehner, Irving, Korotev, Hupé, & Ralew Zircon-baddeleyite-bearing silica+k-feldspar granophyric clasts in KREEP-rich lunar breccias Northwest Africa 4472 and 4485
Schneider, Mittlefehldt, Gellert, & Jolliff Compositional constraints on hematite-rich spherule (blueberry) formation at Meridiani Planum, Mars 1941
Sullivan, Arvidson, Grotzinger, Knoll, Golombek, Jolliff, Squyres, & Weitz Aeolian geomorphology with MER Opportunity at Meridiani Planum, Mars 2048
Wang, Bell, & Li Salty soils at Gusev Crater as revealed by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit 1196
Wang, Freeman, & Jolliff Formation rate of amorphous magnesium sulfates at low temperatures
approaching the current surface conditions on Mars
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Petrography, geochemistry, and pairing relationships of basaltic lunar meteorite stones NWA 773, NWA 2700, NWA 2727, NWA 2977, and NWA 3160 2109
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Miller Range 05035 and Meteorite Hills 01210: Two basaltic lunar meteorites, both likely source-crater paired with Asuka 881757 and Yamato 793169 2110


AGU Fall Meeting
December 2006, San Francisco, CA

authors title abstract number
Bunch, Irving, Rumble, Korotev, & Hupé Evidence for a carbonaceous chondrite parent body with near-TFL oxygen isotopes from unique metachondrite Northwest Africa 2788 P51E-1246
Jolliff, Knoll, Farrand, Sullivan, & Athena Science Team Rock rinds at Meridiani and surface weathering phenomena P43A-03
Jolliff Lunar science for future missions U42B-03 INVITED
Weitz, Farrand, Jolliff, Johnson, Bell, & Yingst Spectral diversity of rock Fragments at the Meridiani Planum landing site P41B-1268

authors title abstract number
Wang, Freeman, & Jolliff Hydration state of magnesium sulfates on Mars 7040

Desert Meteorites Workshop
August 2006, Casablanca, Morocco
authors title abstract number
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Geochemical signature of terrestrial weathering in hot-desert lunar meteorites  

69th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
August 2006, Zurich, Switzerland
authors title abstract number
Bunch, Wittke, and Korotev Petrology and composition of lunar feldspathic breccias NWA 2995, Dhofar 1180 and Dhofar 1428 1428
Zeigler, Korotev, Jolliff, Bunch & Irving Pairing and petrogenetic relationships among basaltic lunar meteorites from northwest Africa 5235

authors title abstract number
Wang, Jolliff, Freeman, & Arvidson Understanding the sulfates on mars from surface exploration, orbital remote sensing and laboratory experiments  

GeoRaman 7
June 2006, Almunecar, Spain
authors title abstract number
Wang, Freeman, Jolliff, Chou, & Arvidson Understanding the sulfates on Mars from mission data and Raman experiments  

authors title abstract number
Zeigler, Korotev, Jolliff, Bunch, & Irving Pairing relationships among Northwest African basaltic lunar meteorites based on compositional and petrographic characteristics  

37th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2006, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Bunch, Wittke, Korotev, & Irving Lunar meteorites NWA 2700, NWA 2727 and NWA 2977: Mare basalt/gabbro breccias with affinities to NWA 773 1375
Chemtob, Jolliff, and Arvidson Si- and Ti- rich surface coatings on Hawaiian basalt and implications for remote sensing on Mars 1443
Chemtob and 18 others Identification of hydrated sulfates collected in the northern Rio Tinto valley by reflectance and Raman spectroscopy 1941
Haloda, Korotev, Tycova, Jakes, & Gabzdy Lunar meteorite Northeast Africa 003A: A new lunar mare basalt 2269
Irving, Kuehner, Korotev, Rumble & Hupé Mafic granulitic impactite NWA 3163: A unique meteorite from the deep lunar crust 1365
Jolliff What is the composition of the Moon's lower crust? 2346
Jolliff, Farrand, Johnson, Schröder, & Weitz Origin of rocks and cobbles on the Meridiani Plains as seen by Opportunity 2401
Korotev Geochemistry of a unique lunar meteorite from Oman, a crystalline impact-melt breccia dominated by magnesian anorthosite 1402
Korotev New geochemical data for a some poorly characterized lunar meteorites 1404
Kuebler, Wang, Freeman, & Jolliff, Database of Raman mineral spectra for planetary surface exploration 1907
Wang, Freeman, Jolliff, & Arvidson Conversion of crystalline MgSO4.XH2O to the hydrated amorphous phase – A Raman, NIR, and XRD study
Wang, Freeman, Jolliff, & Chou Sulfates on Mars, a systematic Raman spectroscopic study of hydration states of magnesium sulfates 2191
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Geochemistry and petrography of high-Th, mafic impact-melt breccia from Apollo 12 and Sayh al Uhaymir 169
Zeigler, Korotev, Irving, Jolliff, Kuehner, & Hupé Petrography and composition of lunar basaltic meteorite NWA 3160 1804


authors title abstract number
Hughes & Jolliff The atomic arrangement of lunar merrillite 93516
Jolliff Compositional variations in lunar merrillite 96194
Korotev, Wang, Jolliff, Crumpler, Farrand, Herkenhoff, De Souza, Kusack, Hurowitz, & Tosca Phyllosilicates in the Wooly Patch outcrop investigated by the Spirit rover at West Spur, Gusev Crater, Mars 95505
Wang, Freeman, Greenhagen, & Jolliff Raman spectra of hydrated Mg- and Ca-sulfates and field testing the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) 96030

68th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
September 2005, Gatlinberg, TN
authors title abstract number
Jolliff & Gillis South Pole-Aitken Basin and the Composition of the Lunar Crust 5330
Korotev The myth of the magnesian suite of lunar “highlands†rocks 5052
Zeigler, Korotev, Jolliff, & Floss. A new type of evolved lunar lithology: basaltic-andesite glass 5322

36th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2005, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Jolliff, Zeigler, Korotev, Barra, & Swindle A thorium-rich mare basalt rock fragment from the Apollo 12 regolith: A sample from a young Procellarum flow? 2357
Jolliff & Athena Science Team Composition of Meridiani hematite-rich spherules: A mass-balance mixing-model approach 2269
Korotev & Irving Compositions of three lunar meteorites: Meteorite Hills 01210, Northeast Africa 001, and Northwest Africa 3136 1220
Kuebler, Jolliff, Wang, & Haskin Extracting olivine (Fo-Fa) compositions from Raman spectral peak positions 2086
Sharma, Wang, Haskin Remote Raman measurements of minerals With Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) 1524
Wang, Haskin, Squyres, Arvidson, Crumpler, Gellert, Hurowitz, Schröder, Tosca, Herkenhoff, Jolliff, & Athena Science Team Sulfate deposition in regolith exposed in trenches on the plains between the Spirit landing site and Columbia Hills in Gusev Crater, Mars 2236
Wang, Haskin, Korotev, Jolliff, de Souza, & Athena Science Team Evidence of phyllosilicate in Wooly Patch – An altered rock encountered on the Spirit rover traverse 2327
Zeigler, Korotev, Jolliff, & Haskin Petrography of lunar meteorite MET 01210, a new basaltic regolith breccia 2385


AGU Fall Meeting
December 2004, San Francisco, CA

authors title abstract number
Sharma, Wang, Haskin, Squyes, Arvidson, Crumpler, Gellert, Hurowitz, Shroeder, Tosca, & others Chemistry and mineralogy of the regolith at the Gusev Plains P21A-0220

authors title abstract number
Jolliff and Athena Team Compositional constraints on mineralogy at the Meridiani landing site. 80556

GeoRaman 6
June 2004, Honolulu, HI
authors title abstract number
Wang & Haskin Laser Raman spectroscopy for surface mineralogy, alteration processes, and biomarkers on Mars  

Astrobiology Science Conference
March-April 2004, Mountain View, CA
authors title abstract number
Haskin & Wang The Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) for characterization of minerals, water, and carbon  
Wang, Haskin, & Freeman Wheel science - near-contact surveys for water, and carbonates, and possible organic fluorescence during planetary surface exploration  

35th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2004, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Barra, Swindle, Korotev, Jolliff, Zeigler, & Olson 40Ar-39Ar geochronology on Apollo 12 regolith 1365
Haskin, McKinnon, Benner, & Jolliff Thorium anomalies in the NW quadrant of the South Pole-Aitken basin 1461
Jolliff Evolved lithologies and their inferred sources in the northwestern Procellarum region of the Moon 2032
Jolliff, Zeigler, & Korotev Petrography of lunar meteorite LAP 02205, a new low-Ti basalt possibly launch paired with NWA 032 1438
Korotev, Zeigler, & Jolliff Compositional constraints on the launch pairing of LAP 02205 and PCA 02007 with other lunar meteorites 1416
Kramer, Jolliff, & Neal Searching the Moon for aluminous mare basalts using compositional remote-sensing constraints II: Detailed analysis of ROIs 2133
Kuebler, Jolliff, Wang, & Haskin A survey of olivine alteration products using Raman spectroscopy 1704
Wang, Haskin, Freeman, Dong, & Kuebler The water-wheel IR (WIR) – A contact survey experiment for water and carbonates on Mars 1510
Zeigler, Korotev, & Jolliff Petrography of lunar meteorite PCA 02007, a new feldspathic regolith breccia 1978
Zeigler, Korotev, Jolliff, Haskin, & Floss Apollo 16 mafic glass: Geochemistry, provenance, and implications 2082


Sixth International Conference on Mars
July 2003, Pasadena, CA
authors title abstract number
Wang, Jolliff, and Haskin Investigating surface mineralogy, alteration processes, and biomarkers on Mars using laser Raman spectroscopy  

34nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2003, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Flor, Jolliff, & Gillis Mapping the concentration of iron, titanium, and thorium in mare basalts in the Western Procellarum region of the Moon 2086
Freeman, Wang, Kuebler, & Haskin Raman spectroscopic characterization of the feldspars - Implications for in situ surface mineral characterization in planetary exploration 1676
Gillis, Jolliff, & Lucey South Pole-Aitken sample return mission: Collecting mare basalts from the far side of the Moon 2065
Jolliff, Korotev, Zeigler, Floss, & Haskin Northwest Africa 773: Lunar mare breccia with a shallow-formed olivine-cumulate component, very-low-Ti heritage, and a KREEP connection 1935
Jolliff, Haskin, Korotev, Papike, Shearer, Pieters, & Cohen Scientific expectations from a sample of regolith and rock fragments from the interior of the lunar South Pole-Aitken basin 1989
Haskin, Gillis, Jolliff, & Korotev Regolith in the South Pole-Aitken basin is mainly indigenous material 1434
Haskin & Wang The Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer - An improved advanced brassboard 1651
Korotev, Jolliff, Campbell, & Humayun Laser-ablation ICP-MS analyses of meteoritic metal grains in lunar impact-melt breccias 1487
Korotev, Jolliff, Zeigler, & Haskin Compositional evidence for launch pairing of the YQ and Elephant Moraine lunar meteorites 1357
Kuebler, Wang, Haskin, & Jolliff A study of olivine alteration to iddingsite using Raman spectroscopy 1953
Wang, Kuebler, Jolliff, & Haskin Fe-Ti-Cr-oxides in martian meteorite EETA79001 studied by point-counting procedure using Raman spectroscopy 1742
Wang, Haskin, & Gillis Survey for life-related species during a planetary surface exploration; System type I - UV stimulated fluorescent sensor 1753
Zeigler, Haskin, Korotev, Jolliff, & Gillis The Apollo 16 mare component: Petrology, geochemistry, and provenance 1454

authors title abstract number
Haskin & McKinnon Thicknesses of and primary ejecta fractions in basin ejecta deposits 8038


The Moon Beyond 2002: Next Steps in Lunar Science and Exploration
September 2002, Taos, NM
authors title abstract number
Gillis An analysis of remotely sensed data of Mare Australe 3025
Jolliff & Gillis Lunar crustal and bulk composition: Th and Al mass balance 3056
Korotev, Gillis, Haskin, & Jolliff On the age of the Nectaris basin 3029

65th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
July 2002, Los Angeles, CA
authors title abstract number
Korotev, Zeigler, Jolliff, & Haskin Northwest Africa 773 - An unusual rock from the lunar maria 5259

33rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 2002, League City, TX
authors title abstract number
Allen, Tsapin, Kuebler, Haskin, & Wang Analysis inside the box - Studying rock and soil in biological quarantine 1222
Flor, Gillis, Jolliff, & Lawrence Investigating the origin of Th in mare basalts of the western Procellarum region 1909
Gillis, Jolliff, Korotev, & Lawrence The origin of elevated Th in the Eratosthenian lava flows in the Procellarum KREEP Terrane 1934
Gillis, Jolliff, Lawrence, Lawson, & Prettyman The Compton-Belkovich region of the Moon: Remotely sensed observations and lunar sample association 1967
Haskin, Korotev, Gillis, & Jolliff Stratigraphies of Apollo and Luna highland landing sites and provenances of materials from the perspective of basin impact ejecta modeling 1364
Haskin & Wang Study of rocks and martian meteorite using the brassboard of the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) 1742
Jolliff, Haskin, Gillis, Korotev, & Zeigler Lithologic diversity in lunar regolith: Lessons for future lunar exploration strategies with application to South Pole-Aitken basin 1156
Jolliff, Gillis, & Haskin Eastern Basin Terrane and South Pole-Aitken basin ejecta: Mid-level crust? 1157
Kitts, Podosek, Nichols, Ramezani, Korotev, & Jolliff Chromium isotopic composition of implanted solar wind from Apollo 16 lunar soils 1822
Korotev The Luna 20 regolith 1224
Korotev, Zeigler, Jolliff, & Haskin Lithologies of the Apollo 12 regolith 1395
Kuebler, Jolliff, Wang, & Haskin A Raman spectroscopic study of samples from the May 2001 FIDO test site 1536
Wang, Freeman, & Kuebler Raman spectroscopic characterization of phyllosilicates 1374
Wang & Valentine Seeking and identifying phyllosilicates on Mars - A simulation study 1370
Zeigler, Haskin, Jolliff, Wang, & Korotev Formation of siderite in lunar regolith particles during irradiation for instrumental neutron activation analysis 1976
Zeigler, Korotev, Jolliff, & Haskin Two new evolved gabbroic samples from Apollo 16 2038


authors title abstract number
Gillis & Jolliff Bimodal TiO2 contents of mare basalts at Apollo and Luna sites and implications for TiO2 derived from Clementine spectral reflectance  2164
Gillis, Jolliff, Elphic, Maurice, Feldman, & Lawrence A hybrid method for calculating TiO2 concentrations using Clementine UVVIS data, and verified with Lunar Prospector neutron spectrometer data  2185
Guinness, Arvidson, Jolliff, Morris, & Ming Mapping alteration minerals exposed on the summit of Mauna Kea volcano using AVIRIS data: Implications for mapping Mars mineralogy 1659
Jolliff, Korotev, & McCallum Global context for lunar nonmare rock types: Sample and remote-sensing perspectives 1829
Jolliff, Gillis, Lawrence, & Maurice Thorium content of mare basalts of the western Procellarum region 2144
Haskin Basin contributions to the stratigraphy of the Apollo 16 landing site 1566
Haskin, Korotev, & Jolliff On a surface-sample collection strategy for Mars, with lessons from lunar sampling 1820
Haskin, McKinnon, & Moss A model for properties of basin ejecta deposits and secondary crater densities 1570
Haskin, Wang, Jolliff, Wdowiak, Agresti, Lane, & Squyres The Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) 1705
Korotev On the systematics of lunar regolith compositions 1134
Korotev & Jolliff The curious case of the lunar magnesian granulitic breccias 1455
Korotev, Jolliff, Wang, Gillis, Haskin, Fagan, Taylor, & Keil Trace-element concentrations in Northwest Africa 032 1451
Kuebler, Wang, Haskin, & Jolliff Characterization of mini-core samples using Raman point-counting 1697
Kuebler, Wang, Abbot, & Haskin Can we detect carbonate and sulfate minerals on the surface of Mars by Raman spectroscopy? 1889
Wang, Haskin, Kuebler, Jolliff, & Walsh Raman spectroscopic detection of graphitic carbon of biogenic parentage in an ancient South African chert 1423
Wang, Kuebler, & Jolliff Raman spectroscopy of opaque minerals and applications to EETA79001 martian meteorite 1615
Wang, Kuebler, Freeman, & Jolliff Preliminary Raman spectroscopic survey on a martian meteorite - Los Angeles 1431
Zeigler, Jolliff, Korotev, Kremser, & Haskin Petrology and geochemistry of lunar regolith particle 65903,16-7: Evidence for extreme reduction and oxidation 1242
Zeigler, Jolliff, Wang, Korotev, Kremser, & Haskin Formation of carbonate and oxyhydroxide minerals by impact of a volatile-rich body 1243


Workshop on New Views of the Moon III:
Understanding the Moon Through the Integration of Diverse Datasets

September 2000, Houston, TX
authors title abstract number
Gillis & Jolliff The global distribution of mare basalts  
Haskin Basin impacts, especially large and late Imbrium  
Haskin Hydrogen and oxygen from lunar polar water, or from lunar dirt? Magma electrolysis  
Jolliff A balanced approach to exploration of the terrestrial planets: Lessons from the lunar experience  
Jolliff A new framework for understanding lateral and vertical variations in the lunar crust  
Korotev Surface composition and distribution of chemical elements in the lunar regolith  

63rd Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
August 2000, Chicago, IL
authors title page number
Korotev A retrospective look at KREEP A91

authors title abstract number
Jolliff, Keller, MacPherson, Neal, Papanastassiou, Ryder, Shearer, & Papike A balanced model for exploration of the terrestrial planets: Lessons from the lunar experience 6214
Jolliff, Moersch, Knoll, Morris, Arvidson, Gilmore, Greeley, Herkenhoff, McSween, & Squyres Remotely-sensed geology from lander-based to orbital perspectives: Results of FIDO rover field tests 6160
Haskin, Wang, Jolliff, & Kuebler Why send the Athena Raman spectrometer to Mars? 6028
Squyres et al. The Athena Mars Rover Investigation 6148
Wang, Haskin, Jolliff, Wdowiak, Agresti, Lane, & the Athena Science Team The Athena Raman spectrometer 6030

authors title abstract number
Gillis, Jolliff, Korotev, & Lawrence An empirical relation between the Lunar Prospector gamma-ray and soil sample Th abundances 2058
Gillis, Jolliff, Spudis, & Haskin The distribution of mare source regions: Evidence using remote sensing data 2089
Gillis Rueb, Cohen, & Hager The Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas digital archive 1815
Haskin, Gillis, Korotev, & Jolliff The nature of mare basalts in the Procellarum KREEP Terrane 1661
Jolliff, Gillis, Korotev, & Haskin On the origin of nonmare materials at the Apollo 12 landing site
(warning: high resolution images - 4.7 Mbytes)
Jolliff, Gillis, & Haskin Thorium mass balance for the Moon from Lunar Prospector and sample data: Implications for thermal evolution 1763
Korotev The magnesium mystery of the Apollo 11 regolith 1482
Korotev On the relationship between site geology and the distribution of surface regolith compositions at the Apollo sites 1209
Korotev & Jolliff Siderophile element concentrations in two metal fragments from the Apollo 16 regolith 1385
Korotev, Jolliff, & Haskin The concentration of oxygen (and silicon) in lunar materials 1210
Korotev,  Jolliff, &  Zeigler The KREEP Components of the Apollo 12 Regolith 1363
Larsen, Arvidson, Jolliff, & Clark Correspondence and least squares analyses of soil and rock compositions for the Viking Lander 1 and Pathfinder sites 1269
Wang, Jolliff, Haskin, & Kuebler Characterization of structure and compositions of quadrilateral pyroxenes [(Mg, Fe, Ca) Si2O6] by Raman spectroscopy - Implications for future planetary exploration 1875
Wang, Kuebler, & Jolliff Mineral features of EETA79001 martian meteorite revealed by point-counting Raman measurements as anticipated for in-situ exploration on planetary surfaces 1887
Zeigler, Jolliff, Korotev, & Haskin Petrology, geochemistry, and possible origin of monomict mafic lithologies of the Cayley Plains 1859
Zeigler, Jolliff, Korotev, & Haskin Petrology and geochemistry of an unusual ferroan anorthositic-troctolite assemblage from Apollo 16
(warning: high resolution image - 1.3 Mbytes)


30th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 1999, Houston, TX
authors title abstract number
Blewett, Taylor, Lucey, Hawke, & Gillis High-resolution, quantitative remote sensing of South Pole-Aitken basin 1438
Gillis & Spudis Preflow structure and topography controlling mare basalt flows 2019
Gillis, Haskin, & Spudis An empirical calibration to calculate thorium abundances from the Lunar Prospector gamma-ray data 1699
Gillis, Spudis, Hager, Noel, Rueb, Leung, & Cowen Digitized Lunar Orbiter IV images: A preliminary step to recording the global set of Lunar Orbiter images in Bowker & Hughes 1770
Haskin, Gillis, Jolliff, & Korotev On the distribution of Th in lunar surface materials 1858
Haskin, Korotev, & Jolliff Clast provenance in Imbrium impact melt breccias 1942
Jolliff, Gillis, Haskin, Korotev, & Wieczorek Major lunar crustal terranes: Surface expressions and crust-mantle origins 1670
Jolliff, Korotev, & Arnold Electron microprobe analyses of Dar al Gani 262 lunar meteorite, a sample of the Feldspathic Highlands Terrane of the Moon 2000
Jolliff, Wang, Kuebler, Haskin, & Arvidson Raman analysis of weathered rocks from the FIDO Mars rover test site, Silver Lake, CA 1512
Jolliff, Wang, Kuebler, Haskin, & Klingelhöfer Raman and Mössbauer characterization of a rock for potential use as an on-site calibration target for in situ mineralogy instruments on the Athena rover for Mars Surveyor missions 1529
Larsen,  Arvidson,   Jolliff, & Clark Comparisons of soils and rocks at the Viking Lander 1 and Pathfinder landing sites 1443
Korotev The "Great Lunar Hot Spot" and the composition and origin of "LKFM" impact-melt breccias 1305
Korotev Lunar terranes and the composition of the regolith 1302
Korotev A new estimate of the composition of the feldspathic upper crust of the Moon 1303
Wang Some grain size effects on Raman scattering intensity for in situ measurements on rocks and soils - experimental tests and modeling 1644
Wang, Jolliff, Haskin, & Kuebler Raman spectral features of pyroxene - Application to martian meteorites Zagami & EETA79001 1666
Wieczorek & Phillips Thermal modeling of mare volcanism and the "Procellarum KREEP Terrane" 1547
Wieczorek, Phillips, Korotev, Jolliff, & Haskin Geophysical evidence for the existence of the lunar "Procellarum KREEP Terrane" 1548


Workshop on New Views of the Moon:
Integrated Remotely Sensed, Geophysical, and Sample Datasets
September 1998, Houston, TX
authors title abstract
Gillis & Spudis Differences observed in iron content between crater ejecta and surrounding mare basalt surfaces: Implications for sample-remote sensing integration 6007
Haskin & Jolliff On estimating provenances of lunar highland materials 6028
Jolliff & Haskin Integrated studies of impact-basin ejecta as probes of the lunar crust: Imbrium and Serenitatis 6014
Korotev Compositional variation in lunar regolith samples - lateral 6011
Korotev Compositional variation in lunar regolith samples - vertical 6012
Korotev On the history and origin of LKFM 6013
Korotev & Morris On the maturity of lunar regolith 6019
Wieczorek & Phillips Integrating geophysics with remotely sensed data and the Apollo samples 6003
Wieczorek, Haskin, Korotev, Jolliff, & Phillips The Imbrium and Serenitatis basins: Impacts in an anomalous lunar province 6002

29th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 1998, Houston, TX
authors title abstract number
Gillis & Spudis Inventory of FeO and TiO2 compositions for mare deposits on the far side of the Moon 1521
Gillis & Spudis Clementine color mosaics of lunar far side maria 1522
Jolliff A Clementine perspective of terra materials in the vicinity of the Apollo 17 landing site 1850
Jolliff, Korotev, & Haskin. The Apollo 17 central crater cluster and a new look at possible Tycho components in the soil 1734
McCallum, Schwartz, Jolliff, & Floss Petrology and cooling history of monzogabbro sample 14161,7373 1300
Korotev, Haskin, & Jolliff Ir/Au ratios and the origin of Apollo 17 and other Apollo impact-melt breccias 1231
Korotev, Wang, Haskin, & Jolliff A Raman point-count study of Apollo 17 soil 1797
Morris, Squyres, Bell, Economou, Klingelhöfer, Held, Haskin, Wang, Jolliff, & Rieder Analyses of martian surface materials during the Mars Surveyor 2001 mission by the Athena instrument payload 1326
Squyres, Arvidson, Bell, Carr, Christensen, Des Marais, Economou, Gorevan, Klingelhöfer, Haskin, Herkenhoff, Knoll, Knudsen, Malin, McSween, Morris, Rieder, Sims, Soderblom, Wänke, Wdowiak The Athena Mars rover science payload 1101
Wang, Haskin, & Jolliff Characterization of mineral products of oxidation and hydration by laser Raman spectroscopy – Implications for in situ petrologic investigation on the surface of Mars 1819
Wang, Jolliff, & Haskin Raman spectroscopic characterization of a highly weathered basalt – Igneous mineralogy, alteration products, and a bug 1644
Wang, Jolliff, & Haskin Raman spectroscopic characterization of martian meteorite Zagami 1523


28th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 1997, Houston, TX
authors title page & abstract
Blewett, Lucey, Hawke, & Jolliff Clementine images of the lunar sample-return stations: Improvements to the TiO2 mapping technique 119-120
Blewett, Lucey, Hawke, & Jolliff FeO mapping of the Moon: Refinement using images of the sample-return stations 121-122
Haskin The distribution of Th on the Moon’s surface 519-520
Haskin The high-Th oval region of the Moon 521-522
Haskin, Wang, Jolliff, Korotev, Rockow, & Viskupic Laser Raman spectroscopic determination of mineral proportions in rocks on planetary surfaces 523-524
Jolliff Clementine UV-VIS multispectral data and the Apollo 17 landing site: What can we tell and how well? 671-672
Jolliff & Floss Liquid immiscibility in a lunar plutonic setting and the evolution of KREEPy residual melts 673-674
Jolliff, Wang, & Haskin Identification of minerals in several martian surface analog materials by Raman spectroscopy 675-676
Korotev What got melted to form lunar mafic impact-melt breccias? 751-752
Korotev, Rockow, Jolliff., & Haskin Lithic fragments of the Cayley plains 753-754
Kuebler, McSween, & Carlson Size distributions and the mass equivalence of chondrules and metal grains in Bjurbole 773-774
Wang, Cortez, & Haskin A Raman spectroscopic sensor for on-surface planetary remote sensing 1489-1490
Wang, Jolliff, Viskupic, & Haskin Raman spectroscopic characterization of different types of pyroxene 1491-1492

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