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Iron Meteorites and Pallasites

Experts disagree on whether metal-rich meteorites like irons and pallasites have a fusion crust. In my opinion, they do not, but they do have a "patina."

Sikhote-Alin (IIAB) is a good example of an iron meteorite with a patina. It fell in 1947, so it is not weathered. Photo by Randy Korotev.

The Bur-Abor (IIIAB) iron meteorite from Kenya also has a nice patina.

The Sterley (Texas) pallasite (PMG). Like many other iron and pallasite meteorites, it was found by a farmer plowing a field, so it has a weathered exterior and no obvious fusion crust. The cube is 1 cm in dimensions. Photo by Laurence Garvie.

The Conception Junction (Missouri) pallasite (PMG-an) was also found in a farm field. The exterior is highly weathered, but the sawn area shows bright metal with imbedded grains of olivine. Photo by Randy Korotev.

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Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

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