Some Photos of Apollo Samples

lithic fragments from the regolith



These are lithic (rock) fragments from the 2-4-mm grain-size fraction of the Apollo 11 regolith. Apollo 11 landed in Mare Tranquillitatis, so many of the fragments are basalts. Also visible here are impact glass spherules, agglutinates and regolith breccias formed from the local soil, and breccias from the feldspathic highlands (the lightest colored fragments). We prefer the term lithic fragment to rock fragment because the spherules aren't really rocks. The grid is 2 mm. Click on image for enlargement. Click here for identification of some of the fragments.



Another sample of Apollo 11 fragments. Click on image for enlargement.



These are rock (lithic) fragments from the 1-2-mm grain-size fraction of the Apollo 16 regolith. The Apollo 16 mission landed in the feldspathic highlands, so there are few, if any, mare basalts here. The rocks are mainly crystalline impact melt breccias, regolith breccias, fragmental breccias, and a few pieces of largely unbrecciated anorthosite (the white fragments). Click on image for enlargement.




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Prepared by
: Randy L. Korotev
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
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