Schematic maps of the find locations of the lunar meteorites from Oman as reported in The Meteoritical Bulletin

Enlargement of northern region

Map of Oman with all meteorite find locations, from Al-Kathiri et al. (2005)

Al-Kathiri A., Hofmann B. A., Jull A. J. T., and Gnos E. (2005) Weathering of meteorites from Oman:
Correlation of chemical and mineralogical weathering proxies with 14C terrestrial ages and the
influence of soil chemistry
. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 40, 1215–1239.

Google Earth, with Oman lunar meteorites

This map blatantly stolen from the Meteoritical Bulletin Database and its "Google Earth Map All" feature
Thanks to Jeff and Google Earth.
(17 February 2015 with 68 lunar meteorite stones)

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Prepared by: Randy L. Korotev
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis



Last revised:  5 October 2015