From the Desert East

I have been contacted by numerous persons from desert countries in Africa and Asia. Some simply want to sell me meteorites, others wish to know if a rock they've found is a meteorite. Some of the photos that I've been sent have been of rocks that are likely to be real meteorites; others are certainly not. Unless I'm sent a sample, I can not determine whether or not a rock is a meteorite. As a scientist, I have no money to buy meteorites. I also don't know what meteorites are worth on the open market. I have suggested to many of the people below to seek a dealer in meteorites.

"I got some stone in the desert would you help me find them to be luner metorite or not. Thanks"

"I did visit your website about Dhofar stones. In case you are intersted I do know( have) several if not more of the same kind. Please let me know? PS. Please keep it conf."

"I am writing to you enquiring if u are interested to buy some rocks of meteorites which weights nearly 29kg. i found them in the desert last year and if u want to buy i can discuss all things later.Please write to me yes or no and send me your answer as soon as possible . i am really series about this matter."

"i would like you to identify these meteiorite if they are real they are heavier than common as well as they are strongly attracted by magnet, i will be so thankthful for your help and if they are likely real ones plz tell me how i could sell them thank you"

"We have found some rocks with matal detecter in pakistan.We think they are mrteorites.Please see these pictures and let me know that they are meteorites are not.
They are heavy and has magnet attracted a large piece is weakly attracted to magnet."

"I 'm Mohammed ... from Morocco, i do a business in Meteorites & fossiles in general, i have some good pieces ,if u intersting to see them just write me back Looking forward to hear from you."

"Should any of the above stones prove to be a meteorite I will be willing to explore the possibility of contributing my time and effort to your research effort. In the meantime may I request that my identity and other details of the 'find' be kept confidential for some time."

"I have found three stones i guess you'll be interessed to them, I have founed them in the south of morocco, i one other that's is like a meteorite but still haven't got its picture.so here is pictures and if you are intersted please call me or answer me by email."

"The reason for my correspondance is that I was hoping you could help me in my article about the alleged 'Planet X' that is supposed to be passing by the Earth in 2012 causing severel natural disasters etc."

"i have a meteorite & i already tast it & the result is that ( its a meteorites ). so i want send the meteorite for u to see it & tell me about it i am from pakistan & there have alouts of meteorites but no one know the meteorites i understand the meteorites & i like that to search about the meteorites in the desert."

"I am from sultante of oman --- dhofar --- ( salalah) I have a meteorites and i need a help to test these meteorites."

"pls find attached photos of meteorite found in the libyan desert.please advise."

"I would like to know about meteorite I have seen many places where the thunder from sky came and hit the earth so if I try my best I can find the stone which came from the sky please tell me about this Is it meteorite or not?"

"I have meteorites for sale if you are interisted contacte me please. Photos below."

"I'm a meteorites seller from morocco. I have a good quality ,reasonable prices and a good way to transport to you . If you're interested contact me."

"i have found this stone in the desert and think that it is a meteorite . Can u say somthing about this stone."

"am from morocco i have 3kg of fresh and good quality meteorit for sale if interested contact me"|

"I have been interested in meteorites found in the big desert of Algeria and I have got several sorts to sell."

"you buys the meteorites? i have nice meteorites for sale if you are interested please contact me ."

"In a remote place around our town, there is a big desert and surrounded by tiny stones. In this desert, I found a place that was full of very dark and broken stones so that I haven't seen any stone darker than it. "

"i am from morocco would like to know if you want to buy chondrites from me"

"if you know someone who buys chondrites please help me"

"hi - u want buy this"


"I am from Morocco have a group of meteorites found in the desert and want to sell."

"Hello, i hope to be fine. i wish also to begin business together. i m a seller of meteorites and i have here some new pieces. if you are ineterested, contact me. feel free to choose the pieces you like and i will make you a good price."

"well am from western sahara .I was looking for people who r interested in the Meteorite trade ...and I found urs in the internet.I want to say that i have many peple who have this rock...and i have some of it."

"i do read ur website i to be sure find a lunar meteorite with this reason 1-local find is asia in irag 2-my meteorite is stone and with weight 301gm 3-that is impact and leaning at to crevice and have crystal and been stone crust 4-i find that into depth live tree and sleep place my meteorite is very much burnt into tree. i see ur advertisement that is with my meteorite agreeing .i no be to ur costly time obtrusive . just email me i what do for test and send to you sample expense for test and yourpost a address please reply me i waiting."

"hello iam a dealer i sell meteorite from sahara of morocco . the south .and i have some pictures if you ant to see ...."


Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you’ve found until you read this and this.