Questions That Are Hard to Answer

"Can you tell me what this is??"

"To whomever can answer: What is this?"

"Could you tell me if this is a piece of meteorite?"

"Do u know what it is?"

"Hello I would like to know if this stone is a meteorite."

"What is this?"

"what do you think?"

"What do you reckon this is mate?"

"Can you tell me something about these?"

"is this a meteorite???see pics in attchments"

"Can you tell anything from these photos?"

"i want to know it is Meteorite or not?"

"Can you please tell me if these look like something of value"

"Are there any earth rocks that look exactly like this sample?"

"I found this in Florida. Is it from here or somewhere else?"

"I found this in my garden. Do you know what it is?"

"Can you tell if this picture looks like a meteorite?"

"I am a meteorite. You know what kind it is? Please help me"

"Please name the mineral. Is it a Bauxite?"

"Can you please tell me few words about this stone."

"Could you please give me some information on this stone."

"I hereby sent you a few pictures, could you tell me if it is a martian rock, or a meteorite or maybe a rock from earth."

"I read all your stuff and still can't tell. What do you think? (Other than the fact that you think I'm stupid.)"

"I got this meteor about 20 years ago for Christmas. I am just curious if you can ID and confirm it really is a meteor."

"Is it true that the moon center is not hot (lava) like the earth? And is it true that there is a belt of rocks that cut the moon from it's surface to it's center and through to the other surface?"

"If a person were to find fragments of meteorites, would they be worth ant money? thanks."

"And my big question is: Why, if it is not from above, can't anyone show me another on earth like it?"

"Could you tell me what a meteorite, that has been covered by rich black soil, in Illinois, for many, many years would be like?"

"First: why do the meteorites land in the pattern they do in the Mare and Highlands areas?"

"For an essay, I have to find out imformation on how the moon was formed. I don't know if you are the right person to contact, but if you are, do you have any imformation for me?"

"I'm researching lunar meteorites for a novel I'm writing ...
I'm specifically interested in the lunar finds being made in Libya, and I'd like to find more material on what's happening there and what role the Libyan government takes in the finds (for example, does it require some kind of licensing agreement or joint venture agreement from foreigners who look for meteorites there? And in what way does it try to control the disposition of the meteorites that are found?)"

"Is there any good equipment available for meteorite hunting in the field? Will a metal detector do the trick?"

"If it is in fact true that most meteorites dont make it to earth then how did a 4 x 8 chunk hit the ocean floor in 1992 in Daytona Beach Florida so hard it started a 38ft wall of water hurtling to the beach????I was there that day..it was suspected as being a freak wave but weeks later we were told on the News about a meteorite being the cause,,,,,What happened to that one?"

"Hello sir I would like to find a meteorite and I'm in johson county,Kansas but don't know where to look.any tips???"

"How do you explain a quartz sandstone cenented with hematite being in the Sandhills of North Carolina, which has no large stones in the region?"

"I have recently purchased a couple of NWA meteorites that are unclassified. Can you tell me who I might send a sample of them to, in order that they might be classified, and possibly given an official NWA number?"

"found your site while looking around for information concerning the possible effect upon earth
should the moon experience a profound (in other words, REALLY big) impact. Do you have any knowledge or info you could share offhand, or could you point me in the direction where I might find it?"


Are they chondrules?"

"years ago my friend that's deaf found a stone at ash creek and wants an idea of the worth it's approx the size of computer mouse and weighs approx 1.6 lbs"

"A breccia in a breccia that contains vesicles or melted voids that are dark in color, would that be considered an agglutinate?"

"I believe you know meteorites and are familiar with regmaglypts. I thought these clouds especially upper right have a regmaglyptic configuration and since they were formed rapidly on a windy day, underwent a comparable process as a meteorite. I would welcome your comments."

"What you can tell about bolide, weight 28 tons, a dimension ­ 3500 õ 3000ìì. Age about 4 000 000 years."

"Hello you are fine
Do you have a relationship for meteorite"

"Is the moon a product of design or chance?"

"If you where to cut a slab of that meteorite Q Alex. Would there likely be an unusual rim about 2 mm thick around the outer edge."

"I found a very heavy rock is has like 1 kg in 5 cm .Please respond fast."

"Is it possible to get some information concerning the 2 meteorites, photos atached: 1- What kind of meteorites are they? 2- What is the approximate value of them? 3- Would someone be interested in buying them?"

"What are the possibilities of finding a lunar meteorite in the mid Missouri area?"

"Short of a chemical analysis, is there a way to determine whether a "lunar meteorite" is authentic? ... But how does one really know for sure?"

"Do you know of anyone personally that we might be able to get to give us a difinitive answer as to what it is?"

From three different men:

1) "I was considering the purchase of a small piece of lunar meteorite (particularly NWA 482) to include as part of engagement ring to my girlfriend. How can I be sure of the validity of the claims of its origin."

2) "Anyone can sell a pebble and say it was from the moon. I was wondering if you would be able to provide me with a reliable source where I can acquire a real sample. I would like to surprise my girlfriend and say I have a piece of the moon for her, however small."

3) "I trying to make an engagement ring with a piece of the Lunar meteorite mentioned in the subject line. I would like to know what it's hardness is. Well if it has a single hardness that is. I would like to grind it down but need to know the hardness first."

"I live in a small town up in Northern Ontario, Canada. I'm having a hell of a time getting a 'diagnosis' of what my rocks are. I live amongst alot of amethyst, but lately I've encountered a vein of white, crystalline, block shaped rocks, some the size of a 200lb man,,,, (Up here, we get lots of those,,, lol), Anyway, I was really hoping you could help me out, as nobody in this town gives a turd about rocks or anything else,,,, (Lunchbox working man's town). Thank you for your time, and I really hope you can find the time to respond. Sorry, I don't have a photo."

"I have no interest in chipping the rock for testing as it is of sentimental value, if not scientific. Furthermore I would prefer not to send it out, given its size and potential value. Can you offer any suggestions as to getting it tested, or forward me to the appropriate person?

"Please contact me if you are interesting."

"Just reading your article on the web regarding meteorite - do you know what a B.L.O is?"

"Ive read allur webPages&Iunderstand,Are u intrstd inrare1.5fall meteorite highest magnesium+evidence of oxygen&Ican send u its sample.guide me."

"Is it possible to test nickel by crushing a piece of suspect rock and placing it in a glass container with hydrochloric acid, and distilled water, then using two steel rods, one connected to a negative and one to a positive side of a 1.5 volt battery. Then after rinsing the negative side with distilled water, test the metal that has collected with a nickel test kit?"

"i came across a solid, polished, jet black perfect egg shape object in the wilderness in western asia. it measures approximately 8 foot high and 5 foot wide. what could it be, a meteorite?"

"How can I at least make an attempt at classifying an unknown meteorite without sending it to someone else?"

"Is there a lot of magnetic rocks.. out there ?"

"My friend from Alabama cut this rock open and noticed some interesting features. She thought it looked "Martian." I said "your crazy!!!" We got into a big fight and made a bet. I bet her a dinner at a nice restaurant, thinking, if it was "Martian" I would get some free food and wine out of the deal. Can you help us?"

"Hi,have you ever heard of a meteorite containing something inside;like an egg?"

"i recently bought 18 beads of polished iron-nickel meteorite from a Gemstone Distributer in Singapore. Each bead cost S$30. According to the seller, the beads have intense energy & are good for prayers & meditation purpose. Without much understanding & out of curiosity, i bought them to try out. After wearing the beads for a few days, i find that i have mild joint pains at the neck, ankle, knees etc. My right arm muscles (where i wear the beads) are also aching. i start to question whether the iron-nickel is actually suitable to be worn by humans, and somehow led me to your website. i would greatly appreciate it if you could advise me on the following: a. How is the iron-nickel rock created in outerspace? Is it thru some form of Nuclear Reaction / Radioactivity? b. Does prolong wearing of iron-nickel (as jewellery) harms the human body (since it has magnetic property thus may alter our blood circulation since we have iron in our system)?"

"I will tell you an odd story , however I must asure y0u that I amnot off my rocker: I have 5 degrees: 2 under graduate degrees , inelect. engr, and in world religion. 3 masters :near estern history /archeology minor, theology, and physics... I live on an old mountain top in northern arizona, on a ridge line, of rock and clay. in a valley on my property there are one for sure and possibly two other meteorite craders... About a year ago I started to did in the mound , ( a series of sholven wide trenches) the mound is at least 4 ft. above the surface, and I of coarse needed to use the metal detectro... Why did the indians build this elongated structure ? Now I am fully cognisent that these indians , if they had seen this object fallen , that they would have believed that it was from one of their god's and would have most likly built a structure around it , to of coarse worship it.... but if it was a normal meteorite , that beeing some what round , why the greatly elongated structure ??????"

"Please give this a name. Thank you."

"Looks like this moon rock stuff is getting political again.. We the people have not heard about this moon stuff for what less than 40 years… Give me a break.. I’m 68 years young and could scream when I read about this stuff. Where’s all the pictures of Mars???? Etc.. If Russia can plant a flag on the bottom of the Artic Ocean and claim the land under , what would stop them,China,Iran,or even Japan from claiming the moon??? Hey, my other question is… Why is there no wind on the Moon??"

"Well I'm gonna try to find out if I got something do you want pics?"

"anything about this look meteoric to you?"

"A number of samples , supposedly from Meteorite NWA 4881, have recently come on sale over the internet. How can these samples be authenticated? Or are they authentic?"

"I would like to by some moon rock. Can you recommend a site please?"

[This one, from China, had "meteorite" in the subject line]: "I have a religious holy, Catholic chalice. Time in the 18th century to the 19th century. Can you help me do what American antiques broker! Can give you a commission!"

"Dear Sir Have samples to test.Elements of spaceship crashed in the USA.Next generation fuel Hydrogen 3.Isotopes for xrays.Who will test this"

"How can you tell the difference from a grey Impactite breccia from a grey lunar meteorite?"

"why is Stonehenge the door out of our universe"

"if you where to be able to answer 1 question for me, if this is a 336 gram josephinite with iron and nickel and possible Jade or andradite is it a extremely rare specimen? and does it have any value comparable to a pallasite meteorite? "

"I am a student and I writebecause I have a curiosity of the meteorites that fall in the U.S. because it is very rare to fall all there (well most of them). And ask Me if you could help me."

"Could you tell me what differences there are between Lunar meteorites and Apollo rocks?"

"Still, should I trust somebody who once actually owned an AMC Gremlin???"

"Since nasa is a private organization now, are apollo samples being sold?"

"if this is an earthite would it still be a meteorewrong???"

"I know it is a meteorite but how mutch can i sel it ?"

"I have something of a strange question: Do you think a small piece or small pieces of lunar meteorite could be mounted in an engagement ring? If so, can you recommend a reliable outlet to buy lunaite?"

"I was considering the purchase of a small piece of lunar meteorite (particularly NWA 482) to include as part of engagement ring to my girlfriend. How can I be sure of the validity of the claims of its origin."

"I have a quick question. I trying to make an engagement ring with a piece of the Lunar meteorite mentioned in the subject line. I would like to know what it's hardness is. Well if it has a single hardness that is. I would like to grind it down but need to know the hardness first."

"They say most meteorites come from astroyeds then that means iron nickle is platnum right what's the big secret who do u all work for is it platnum or nickle iron"

"If you don't want people to contact you,why are you here?"

"Whst kind of rock is this snd do u think its eorth anything could you please tell me?"

"Question do meteorites glow green when you touch it ? Cuz this Lil black crystal rock does"

"Hey, I have come across a few rocks big and small and was wondering if there legit"


Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you’ve found until you read this and this.