Tell Us What You Really Think

I have received a lot of positive and appreciative e-mail from people who have contacted me. I could post those here, but the responses below are more fun to read.

"If you don't know what a meteor looks like, I understand like you said nobody ever found one yet, Duh. If You don't like this one I wont send you anymore."

"I cannot believe you have not responded to my previous email dated 7/9/03. I can understand XXX not showing interest, but you? Are you part of the SNC herd mentality? Or, are you under the control of XXX. Well you can always remember, I offered you a chance to examine and research the most important meteorite find ever, from Mars. And you refused. Go figure. Wow, it goes to prove higher education does not necessarily include wisdom. Good luck with your moon rocks."

"I am happy that one of my quotes made to your top ten list. Please remember your profession is funded by the same people you make fun of with your web page. Your profession has the stench of disrespect for the ordinary person. FYi...my "meteorwrong" as you put it has confirmed 26Al nuclide of 90.7 dpm/kg. The great R.Koratev has missed a meteorite call. Stop the presses!!!! In any event, you will never have the opportunity to examine this "meteorwrong" nor will I allow you to publish any scientific paper about it."

"And people around the world including me, also now that you are : a terrestrial AMATEUR ( korotev ). You dont know what you are talking about ( ??? ), because you don't understand how a real Lunar meteorite - should look like."

Regarding the Rude Admonishment: "Your above statement is beyond rude, you are very disrespectful to those who ask you to share your knowledge. Apparently they didn't teach manners where you're from, and as a (scientist) or so you call yourself.... when did you become tired of learning new science-geology of what the public thinks are meteorites? If you do not like people, or science, (any kind) please do all those crushed people a favor, leave the diplomacy to anybody else and stop being a rude idiot."

"Man, you're so negative if anyone took your "advice" they wouldn't search at all."

"Perhaps the most obnoxious, condescending web page I've had the misfortune of accidentally visiting. Don worry it won't happen again. Maybe you could consider toning down the sarcasm a few notches."

"I see your photo all your teeth showing, I look you up and what do I get? "don't bother me with stupid questions and fuzzy photos!!" Are you that stupid ? What the hell are you poseing for if you don't want to be bothered... Stay in some dark closet and look at your rocks idiot.!! Dr. means You are so full of knowledge you are closed. Its finished. You know it all. Go home. I wouldn't let you see my meteorite if you beged me to and you will when you hear about it.

"I have a very possible meteorite but I don't like your attitude so I'll probably not bug you with it."

"Do you want the public’s help or not? After reading your web site you are the last person who I would show any “rocks” to."

"Well, that is interesting, as I today was wondering if I found a space rock, however, as unsure as I am I will still have it looked at by the staff at ... University..., all a bit of fun, relise that you must have many people baddgering you about space rocks however, I see it as a duty of yours to assist us unknowledgeable type to determine if they have a meteorite or not, I found your rude admonishment just that rude, you seem to want people to send them their interesting species however you also seem to disscourage people from sending them to you just in case they a wasting your time, not sure what to think, hope you find this long e-mail irratating as I found your admonishment."

"While you may be an authoritative gatekeeper on lunar chemistry to many in the naive general population, we have surpassed your prowess. I want you to do three things for me Randy. A) Get used to it. B) Get over it C) Grow up."

"Your website is a collection of garbage designed to show off what little knowledge you truly possess about meteorites. Get Real, who would ever be stupid enough to go thru all the crap you described as obstacles to getting any real meteorite tested?
Ive been a professional hunter for years with a vast collection from all over the world and the last mistake I would ever make is to send anything to someone like you to supposedly test."

"Your worthless website has obviously been designed to discourage and dishearten anyone from the worthwhile sport of meteorite hunting and collecting!!!
Spoken like a Typically Pompous & Arrogant Educator who cannot perform and ends up teaching instead, only your brand of teaching is totally Negative and a Major Turn-Off!!!
Go back to school and learn how to write a Constructive Website!"

"GET OVER YOURSELF! I have never read such a rude, condescending, self absorbed piece of advice in my entire life. People that are searching the internet for clues, advice and help on determining if what they think is a meteorite truly is, don't need to be reading the crap you post on your "what to do if you think you've found a lunar (or some other kind of) meteorite" page. It's too bad we have to read this page after all the good advice you offered on the rest of your website. Then you turn out to be a big jerk. I'm guessing this isn't the first time you have been accused of this, and if you continue to represent yourself in this manor, it won't be the last.I'll look elsewhere for help."    

"I was really disappointed when I looked at your website. I've never seen anything so negative. You may consider closing the site altogether since it apparently brings no joy to you or anyone else. I hope you're feeling better soon."

"I understand your desire to educate and inform the interested public about meteorites, but, I don't understand your "attitude" in presentingthem. I'm surprised anyone would want to write or send you anything as condescending as you come off; and moreover, that the universitydoesn't care about your hostile manner of presentation. That isn't science to make someone feel like an idiot for considering they might have found a meteorite."

When I told someone that the composition of his rock was consistent with a terrestrial rock but inconsistent with a lunar rock: "Its no longer a mystery why ne luner rocks have been discovered in the USA . They have been discovered! You cant even stick to your own so-called guide lines. Retire! so progress can begin."

"You cannot base your scientific knowledge about the moon upon the rocks that supposedly were brought from the moon by the Apollo missions."

"You should look for a 'venue' suitable to defend your position on why my lunar meteorite is 'industrial slag.' If, there are more people in the scientific community that will defend this crater material as 'slag.' You are more than welcome to bring your fellow constituents to defend your position. If your ready for a debate and your position is a 'solid one.' I will contact the media to schedule a debate at your earliest convenience. We can hold the debate at the bottom of one of my craters or indoors at WUSTL."

"you are the most unhelpful person ever found in the internet ,it's seams that you don't like your job, the most information i got from you was don't send this ,don't do that ,don't call me ,in short words don't ever read anything here."

"I see you have quite a list of meteor wrongs and was wondering why you didn't place mine there since you said I didn't have one ? What is most interesting is you said an achondrite without a fusion crust would make it nearly impossible to have tested - and mine CLEARLY does (I sent you photos). Then you had a 4 litho right in front of your nose that showed Iron and Nickel present -and once again you said it wasn't. Then your good friend [name withheld] did my oxygen isotope on my sample - and what a SURPRISE ! 4.95 delta 18 and 2.77 delta 17 , EXACTLY in the MARTIAN range, and yet you and ALL of YOUR friends together- even with small specs of IRON metal ,especially on a FELSIC IGNEOUS rock, that you would NEVER find on earth because it would RUST, you all say it isn"t a meteorite !!!!!! I dare you and the rest of your friends to post my meteorite on your meteor wrong lists mr. korotev . You and your friend(s) including mr. [name withheld] had best send me your apologies and the right paper work which" Supports Your Own Facts " that I have a meteorite. And if you and your friends EVER threaten me again or try to harm me,my son or family like before , then we shall see how these types of treatments are dealt with this time around !"

"o really// i got quiet a few bids on them in the last few weeks test came back its your loss , why do u do try to play folks a fool are something like that , how in the hell would u no any thing, got a problem with some one finding something u cant , well i been working the woods for 45 pluss years picking up stone to sell .to builders and landscapers .i got some things would blow your educated mind to hell . even make u rich stupid f*** . but thanks any how for taking 3 weeks to get back with me"

"I had pondered sending you information several years ago but was taken aback by the level of pomposity of your website."

"I know what I found and you sound like a real a...e so just forget it I will gladly go to someone else."

"“Don’t call me on the telephone”. Yeah, we all want to do that – your site does not even say which is the right and which is the wrong – one can only ascertain that by using the placement of the photos. You suck – get some real education for once.

"Jeez, why so rude, on your website? Some people just like rocks, for God's sake. Who cares if it's from Mars, the Moon, or Cairo. All rocks no matter their origin, have history. Your sir, have a very bad attitude. I have thousands of rocks that I've hand carried from the Arizona-Sonoran desert to my car, from my car, to my backyard. I just happen to appreciate the beauty of rocks. I am no man, I'm a woman, and I think your attitude stinks!"

Somewhat redacted: "i have 2 lunar meteprites they are both magnetic but your to stupid to know what the f**k a meteorite is, if a meteorite is red and blach has a magnetic filling ,has a 2 millimeter crust it is called a meteorite. if i have a black meteorite with a grey fusion crust and it is magnetic it is called a meteorite, if it has a grren crap in it or chrondril;s to the so called experts. yopur just lazy m****rf*****s that refuse to work and you should lose your job because of it. WHEN I DO PROVE THAT THEY ARE BOTH METEORITES I WILL HAVE YOU DISSMISEC FROM YOUR JOB FOR BEING STUPID AND LAZY AGAIN EARTH ROCKS ARE NOT MAGNETIC, EARTH ROCKS DO NOT HAVE A 2 MILLIMETER CRUST, THE ONLY EARTH ROCKS THAT ARE MAGNETIC ARE B******T LAVA WITH HEMITE COVERING THEM WHAT I HAVE ARE METEORITES WHAT I HAVE ARE MET5EORITES WHAT I HAVE ARE METEORITES ONE FOR SIURE IS A LUNAR HAVE METEORITRES"

"I am contacting you in spite of your web site. I have one hundred pounds of Achondrite stony iron meteorites and everyone I meet is too stupid to understand the science behind my find."

"Well you are wrong! It is A 5.2 mars meteorite. And oh boy is it woeth ALOT!"

"Is there Anyone, Who thinks They can Identify these Rocks as EARTH Rocks. Then by all Means, "Enlighten Me!" ???? Otherwise Be scientific and Look at the evidence!!! Let it speak for itself. Examine it Yourself? And quit telling me what it's not until you test it yourself! People are beginning to Embarrass Themselves. People, that I Looked up to in the scientific community."

"i read your page and i think you are an idiot. and i personally have a collection of meteorites i have found in the ocean and i don't even know why i am even bothering to Email you other than to tell you go clime a tree you donkey. and thats my taught."

An exchange

A fellow sent me a several e-mails with photos attached and politely asked some questions. He was rather adamant that all the rocks had to be meteorites because he'd been reading everything he could find about meteorites and had learned a lot. I politely said that none of the rocks in the photos looked like meteorites to me and that it was highly improbable that he had found as many different types of meteorites as he claimed. He then sent me samples of 32 (!) of the rocks. I agreed to look at 3 of them and give my opinion. I also showed them to a geologist colleague of mine to get his opinion. Here are my exact words, followed by his, in response.

Dear Mr. [name withheld]:

As I say below, I'm not a geologist, but I did show the three samples to a geologist.

My first reaction is that I can't understand why you think any of these rocks are meteorites. They don't have the smooth, aerodynamic shape of meteorites, they don't have fusion crusts, they don't have regmaglypts, and they don't contain metal. They look like rocks.


LG006 and LN014. I suspect both of these are the same kind of rock. This would be easier if you told me where you found them, but I suspect they're both volcaniclastic rocks, perhaps ignimbrites or ash-flow tuffs.



If so, they're of volcanic origin. The green clasts, particularly in LN014, resemble epidote or one of the other similar hydrothermally (hot water) altered minerals. Such minerals are not found on the Moon. LN014 also contains a big red clast. That means iron (III), ferric iron. Ferric iron does not occur on the Moon and, as a consequence, no lunar rocks are red.

LA024 may also be volcaniclastic, or some kind of breccia. The problem is that the clasts are some kind of granitoid rock, a rock dominated by quartz (whitish) and K-feldspar (pink). Again, such rocks are common on earth but rare on the Moon.

These rocks look like perfectly good earth rocks and, as I say on my website, "If it’s driving down the highway and it has 4 tires, 2 headlights, and a trunk, then it’s probably an automobile, not an alien spacecraft." You either have meteorites like none ever seen before or plain old terrestrial rocks. If I were a betting man, I'd go with the latter. There's nothing about them that suggest to me that they're from the Moon.

I'll return the rocks to you soon.

Randy Korotev

Randy: I'm thinking, that asking a geologist to do the job of a lunar geochemist, is like sending a carpenter to erect the next World Trade Center. It is obvious, that you are unable to wrap your mind around the idea that a discovery such as this could be possible, or even feasible. It is also apparent, that the potential of this discovery is not important to you, or to the science. Your attempts to deny, denounce and destroy this effort has reached, "the end of the trail!"
Having said as much, I will be dismissing you from this case. I will have the lab results sent to several other, more open-minded & intelligent lunar geochemists, whom I am in contact with, and who currently think that such a discovery is not only possible and feasible, but probable & overdue. This project is deserving of young, alert, provocative, curious and inquisitive minds, who are willing to think outside the box. (There are meteorites that are "Red"!!......check out the latest chat on your local Meteorite chat room; courtesy of [name withheld]). I've never known a scientist wanting, offering or settling for a compromise on a potential discovery. How egocentric & how terribly absurd!

I do thank you for your efforts, but you are not the "man of science" I was expecting, or hoping, you would be. It is obvious, too, that you introduced the specimens to your "terrestrial" geologist (if there was one you associate with!) with prejudice. This is not the type of scientific inquiry deserving of a comment or compliment. Your arguments against these specimens being meteoritic, should be directed against your own publications and those of Richard Norton, NASA, JPL, Johnson Space Center, and every single collection around the globe. I must suspect, that you are in the game to protect your own precious fusion-crusted relics and the value of your fraternity's collections. Your professional & personal integrity are certainly in question, here! I have given you this potential discovery on a silver platter, but you have chosen to spit in my eye, as if I was some kind of lowly peon. Never, have I been treated with such arrogant malice!

I wish you well on your retirement & may it be soon! A fella' can look at just so many rocks, that he becomes one, himself!

I found these (extremely amazing) sentiments posted on a web site !!!

"Randy Korotev is a stupid #####! He run his own illegal "Lunar meteorites" company inside the building Washington University in St.Louis through abuse his title of professor spreading false information also known as pseudo-science and should be sentenced for gross fraud!"

"...you are absolutely right regarding that jealous person named Randy Korotev who is responsible for "List of Lunar meteorites" as in this case represent official misconduct. It's a must for Randy Korotev too classify these important Lunar meteorites from Sweden as new Moon rocks otherwise he cause a international scandal and should lose his title of being a serious professor who works at Washington University in St.Louis within this department..."

"I can also understand that meteorite researcher today are somewhat jealous when you as private person from Sweden have succeed find something such a rarity, but them shall really be feel ashamed especially the owner behind "List of Lunar meteorites" at Washington University in St.Louis he must be complete blind if not notice this attractive and shiny fusion crust evidence."

"Forget MIL 05035 from Antarctica, all the b&!!*^#t our researcher have wrote at internet ever since they find it - a rare breed type of Lunar basalt meteorite seen only once before. They have absolutely wrong according to my opinion and abuse their title of professor through spread lies concerning MIL 05035 being the second of its kind ever seen which is completely fraudulent conduct to tell the truth, wake up meteorite "scientists" open your eyes and don't be envious that this gentleman from Sweden as private person have succeed discover a great amount of extraordinary Lunar meteorites who deserve good publicity. I see that your 142gram as described has been completely transformed to maskelynite by extreme shock with excellent fusion crust evidence, really exciting solar wind implanted noble gases in this impressive specimen ( Krypton, Xenon and Argon ) which are important certificate of extraterrestrial origin."


Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you’ve found until you read this and this.