Strange Rocks

"Even though it is filled with small holes, and weighs a good deal, it floats. We found this out when we decided to wash it and clean it up from its normal place as a bookend. Not that it sits on top of the water or anything, but it will not sink to the bottom."

"Actually, I think it is the size of my little brothers brain."

"The size of the rock is a little bigger than a Hellmans mayonnaise jar."

"t is about the size of a can of unopened vegetables."

"It weighs around 22 lbs. and is the size of a football. A compass reacts quite strangely around it."

"it comes to a dull point as if it was worn back when entering the atmosphere no sharp edges wat so ever except for the obvious broken piece about 3 lbs, and could easily crack my little brothers head"

"Based on internet research, and tests I've done at home, I think it could be an L-Chondrite. It could also be a terrestrial paperweight."

"So I am in wa st. Frusturated with everything at age 40 I went out to have a talk with God I ended up by a stream which I was tossing rocks into and just being at one with nature when i picked this one up i never thought much about it except it had a dibit that fit my whole thumb perfectly and on the bottom was another for my finger making it perfect for rubbing while I sat on the log pondering. So I named it my thinking rock plus it was Flat black and smooth like my harley so I have kept it. So tonight I was playing with the dremmel I bought my gilrfriend for christmas {yah that was a dumbass thing to buy I KNOW now} anyway I spotted my old flat black thinking rock desided hey maybe I could shine it up a bit. so i put on the thin little brush and start,only the black starts coming off and turning to dust which burns my eyes and throat a little to my surprise it s tart to shine kinda like polished aluminum or something so I keep going this black dust is turning everything black so i wipe it off .It look like fishing lead when you srape the dull off shiny like a puter color ,except in the dibit still has these rusty brown rings so I work more but they wont go away. so then after thinking about , how in the hell could water of dripped so long in one spot to wear a dibit almost perfect and one on the bottom. I decide to google rocks and eventually find your site. so I go get the magnet off the fridge and it sticks to it like glue. I know you said 99% aren't and I am dam sure not even a ameture could this be a meteorite and is the dust harfull my eyes are itchy and so is my thoat like I can taste it anyway let me know thanks "

" My grandma said her little boston bull dog would go over and lick it alot so one day my grandma tried it and said it was salty."

"I'm sorry but my rock does not look anything like any of those. I've seen those kinds of rocks before and mine doesn't look anything like it."

"She showed me the rock, it looked like a small mountain with white rock melted down from a peak."

"I found a rock that is very porous, and when I picked it up it left a little bit of ash behind on my fingers…"

"we had done some land scaping and i had found this rock it was the only thing i could salvage the outer part was falling apart when i had tryed to pick it up from the ground the outer shell was real dark almost like burnt charchole, it smelled bad that it was like a mildew smell when i first dug it i threw that away cause i got sick from the smell.it gave me flu syptoms when ever i would be in the same room it was like i was high after being around it for not more then 10 minutes."

"To tell you the truth its the same shape as an egg exactly."

"This treasure was found many years ago on a high elevation just north of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, buried three feet deep in a bed of clay; is about 6 feet in length and 3 feet in width (at widest section); is very dense and heavy; has a certain ring to it when struck with a hammer; does attract a magnet; and weighs one and a half ton!"

"I decided to take two x-rays at 150 thousand volts revealing a round white mass in the center with two opposing white lines in the form of "lol". When the rock rotated 45 degrees revealed a solid white top with no lines. When cut in half and 35 mm photos taken by a Pathologist and burned onto CD an enlarged area revealed small yellow, red, orange, gray specks set in a darn area. When viewed by a lecturer and meteorite collector he found using a special magnet that the center of the rock was magntic with possible chondrules. My question is with this vague information who is best to examine this rock if it should even be examined?"

"My rock i found is extremly magnetive.. my wife was moeing the lawn and it broke the blade. it is sooo cool. it is not like any magnet i have seen. are rocks magnetic. this thing is so cool. it is not like a magnet, probally an engine part or somthing but it sure can pull. this thing is asome. i can send you a picture of it. this thing was on my property so it will always be mine"


"Hi, Here are some pictures of rocks in my collection I would like to have tested, authenticated, and classified, Please check out the pictures, and let me know if you can be of any help to me." [He sent 80 photos!]

"Worse i think it could be a paranoid delusion of mine after seeing a shower on Ch 7's news round that season, or worse yet it's just a formation from the bottom of a heating drum used buy workers but not likely I've seen those, very porous, I even know how to make some highly porous unstable ones with lots of beer cans and some foam from those discarded portable iceboxes };-) but this Little fist sized Feller is a keeper , maybe I'll take it to NYM of NH someday & have it analyzed but if i have to deface it or alter it to get it certified then forget it it's so darn cute & interesting sitting in a beaker i just won't venture it,, It'll be a mystery i guess.One of the Court Officers nearby said " Yeap that's the real deal " but what does he know };-o"

" I think i have found the meteor that coused the crater in Arizona . I have not told anyone but you,will you help me prove it, this could be big ."

"It is not uniform. It has some smooth spots but it has bulbs of smooth parts and rough parts in between. The most percular quality it posesses is when you drop water on it, it almost looks like the water is boiling off of it. The water "bubbles" up and roll off of it."

"my cousin and brother and compony found a big black chunk of rock a bit bigger then a basket ball and weighs about a pound c. pieces of it are broken off and one pice i have looks like a dried up desert its pretty weird what ever it is. found in ontario canada about 5 years ago. i can send a pic later dont have digital camera looks almost like ashphalt drined up and burnt like crackin on th e out side... "

"It could be the mitic "Kriptonite" and deserves its place in my show case, above a glittering Shergottite"

"My 13-year-old son placed it on our concrete patio, and smacked it hard with my 20-oz hammer; it didn't even scratch it. I think it's solid iron-nickel. I think it fell last week when we had about 2" of rain in an hour."

"The stone has the unusual form of an artillery shell. It has a cone, reminding a cone of a rocket."

"We believe what has been discovered ... is an alien time capsule from another world, dimension, etc., ejected into space in search of extraterrestrial life forms from where ever it was launched from, finding its way to earth in the same way and manner that meteorite falls and finds, from other planets, moons, asteroids, comets, find their way to Earth. Now if you think this is bizarre..."

"I know this is going to sound a little unorthodox, as for explanations go, but what if photo 83 of your meteor-wrongs gallery is actually some sort of ancient preserved fungus, like a mushroom. Look at it closely... What do you think?"

"This stone was not where I found it the day before. My girlfriend thinks that it came out of a bar-b-que grill. "

"We found a rock on our yard that does not look like a normal rock. We think it might be a meteorite."

"So far the only thing that I know about it for sure is that it is heavy and even through the many coats of paint you can hang refrigerator magnets on it."

"I broke off a fresh sample of this rock and studied it under my microscope and found a soft cocoon like structure which has several veins running thru this rock attached to the elements and minerals inside the rock and has formed a life like body with a head with 2 eyes,nose mouth, arms and legs, (quite interesting) so I decided to touch the veins softly with a needle tip to see if it would respond to being touched, Yes it did the veins and life like body jumped around for a breif moment and actually made me jump at the same time, I'm not used to seeing this kind of movement,veins and body like structures inside a rock specimen like it was living inside this rock. Let me know your thoughts."

"Found this in Hog lot where pigs had rooted it up no other rocks around...It is very very heavy"

"...recently we recovered 3 objects that we watched enter and crash.I do not have picture however here is my best desription:extremely heavy-heavier than lead ,the inside is porous looking ,encrusted with extremely hard ,gold (very irredecent) matalic 'crystals' that easily will etch glass."

"I think I know what the flat u say rocks they are terradactal beaks . I have found alot of dinosaurson my property & found alot of flying terradactals:They look just like this one & noticed u have more that look like that ! You have to remember alot of fossils turnto or look like rocks; I have found several meteorites 1 is BIG & has very large thumbprints ! It is metal you will plainly see just by looking at it high knickel also ! I also have found alot of stoney metiorites with diamonds .I live inland linning up exactly southwest & am in a metiorite fall out zone ! it looks like they had some unreal showers sometime ago 1 I have found the stoney ones thanks to you & your information on here !I have 2 with diamonds 1 I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOLD SO I AM OBSERVANT NOW I look for both !I have about 12 total so far & really havent looked hard . Things come to me I have a huge magnetic field in my back yard exactly southwest due to quartz veins under pressure under the overburden there is also gold to & alot !ever since I dug the back up to put sprinklers in & hit indian & dino stuff I have become clairvoyant ITS unreal I tell you You will be seeing this soon on the world news because I have found things that will change the way the history books have been written! I dont ask for these things they just come to me all the time . the metal metiorite has given me the power to harness my .E. T. abilities & control them! did i tell you IGO CA. is the fossil capital of the world ! Oh by the way I can find gold without really trying I will be sending pictures later You are going to be amazed !"

"They have never before found any Lunar or Martian meteorites with visible gases."

"I desire to inform you about some particular on the meteorite Martian: it contains numerous small diamonds and amazing thing indeed that have discovered this night, I have waked myself and with the lens from 30x I have observed the meteorite, from a dark point it transuded a liquid as water a few gelatinous, I have shifted her with the finger and she has left a wake of dampness on the stone. This on the cut side, while from the other part, turning the angle of 90° I have observed a groove as a small brook in which was the same liquid and the most mysterious thing of everybody it is that after having it silver ware in the container and resumption to observe again, the groove and the liquid they had disappeared. Indeed I don't joke, and I don't have hallucinations, they are with the well planted feet to earth."

"It's very magnetic and I think it could just be a peace of someone's motorcycle except for the fact that it looks like something from the museum of natural history in NY."

"The real interesting part about this rock is it has two faces....One side it's an old man and the other side it's a animal(cat?) face and they are very clear and not man made."

"Hematite - I guess makes sense. I might put it on e-bay anyway, as a particularly loveable rock - I even read an article on hematite's 'healing powers'!"

"I'm looking around for one meteor that has evidence of sea life from another planet."

"I was 'spring cleaning' and found these 'junk rocks' in my backyard, I think, they are from another planet - but I'm usually wrong."

"Hi, my friends told me this is a meteorite but i'm not dumb. it's about as big as my basketball and it's the strangest looking damn' thang i've ever saw in my life. i found it playing hoops outside of st. louis not long ago. what do i do if my friends are right? it's some joke my friends are playing on me but what if they're not, will this thing,, make me sick? I' ams a bit afraid of this rock. it's got fusion stuff too and it's heavy. maybe, i can bring it down to where you scientists are working, after, I get dones working at the Bbq later today."


"it is very cold during any time of the day, it makes my hand/arm start feeling weird after holding it for aw hile"

"Hardness >6 checked with a pencil No 6H"

"The only (motorized) people who were coming to this area were foreign armies. Many armies were here. Italian, Austrian, German...etc.I s it likely that some soldier brought those rocks from somewhere?"

"My wife is telling me to "throw these things away" but I'm arguing back that "they could be meteoric." She doesn't know much about rocks not too many women do but who am I to judge."

"It's not magnetic. It looks a little like melted plastic or rubber, it's soft and warm and smooth like skin. It warms fast when you hold it. I got no clue. I've always wondered about this damn rock..."

"P.S. If you hold it to long it makes your fingers hurt, sort of?"

"I found this rock in all places, my 14 week old puppy's mouth! At first it looked like a baby potato but then I noticed that she was having trouble carrying it."

"If you look at the back of the stone in natural sunlight there appears to be evidence of a Widmanstätten Pattern under the rust. You might have to stand on one foot, squint the other eye, and be sure you are holding your tongue out of the corner of your mouth just right to see it."

"The rock has been confirmed to contain no vegetation or water. I would like to know if there is any financial incentive to turn it over to the federal authorities. No questions asked, no names divulged. Once you have confirmed it's authenticity you should place an ad in the Washington Post on May 15th in the Apartments for Rent section. it should read: Space age high rise. Three bdrm, three bth. Contact Randy Apollo @ (the # of your choice). I will contact you again after that time."

"It DOES attract CATS! They like to sit on it even in the colder months .. like it stays warm or something. ??"

"While we were looking at the rock I could hear a very faint crackling noise coming from the rock or a slight background interference to a radio."

"i have 4 elements not on the periodic table hydrogen 3.1 magnetized not steel iron or nickel l believe it is the same materiel that was on the spaceship that crashed melting point 24000 25000 celsius 2 came in by meteorite the people who assayed need to test it they know how to test it"

"'WILSSON' so I named it, seems to be afossilized mammoth head with a weight of 23 kg"

"The rock has shown sign of shrinkage on the sides while in my possession"

"According to the analysis made by the Electron Microscopic Center at the Universidad Central de Venezuela it's mostly made from an unknown element(s). According lo the analysis the rock appears not to be from the asteroid belt or this solar system."

"It does look to have fusion crust and those silly thumb prints everybody talks about. Some useless information about it ... after we moved it up by the house with a Tractor because it was too heavy to carry or pull behind the quad .. we suddenly had a patch of 4 leaf clovers growing around it and the cats seemed to think it was warm because they would sit their cat butts on it in the Spring months which are NOT very warm here in Michigan. For a while it seemed the snow would melt right off of it .. it would stick to everything else but not that rock!"

"I have checked your web site and have determined that this is unknown to me."

"we noted a very peculiar property of both pieces (if the guy who found them holds either piece, or both, in his hand cell phones around him cease to work)"

"I have a meteorite its loaded with Nicole"

"The short version: Some crazy man that I have yet to meet, gave my crazy daughter (20) this rock, says he found it at Silver Lake (one of 2 he found) claims it's a meteorite, claims he sold the other for millions. God told him to give it to my daughter, so he did. He claims that he had it tested (photo of paperwork) 96% Platinum 4% Nickel. Oh yeah, and of course there are no identifying marks to show that this rock has anything to do with that paperwork."

"contra costa county 155 000 pound meteorite sonic boom 1/3 rd the size of huroshima nasa 5billon year old lunor meteorite thiers got to be larger pieces somewere my name is dan do I have to tell u what I know about volcanic and astroid bombbardment or gama rays ,or planatery belts no I dont and wont the fact that I live in contra costa co and searched my ass off and studied my eyes blind and found what I know is what it is because I am and intelagent person the 600 pound facts lay befor my eyes and its full of rhodium palladium osmium iridium and many other elaments but those are the ones that got me looking I will send u a sample if u like free"

"Hello, my name is [MM], from ... Saskatchewan, Canada. My boyfriend [DT] who has a farm in ... Saskatchewan, Canada, told me that about 15 years ago, his dad stumbled apon a meteorite. It was a dry dry year, and what was usually a slew, was now a meadow. He would go to this place because on dry years that rately happen, 500-1000 year old buffalo skulls energe. Anyway, he found this rock that was large and heavy and red and looked like tiny lil diamonds in it. There was also indentations in the ground as it hit earth. So daves dad picked it up and took it home. [DT] remembers seeing the strange rock. That summer was a bad summer on the farm, whatever could happen bad happened. [FT] ([DT's] dad) being a supersticious older farmer, blamed the rock as giving them bad luck, so he took it back to where he found it. [DT] has since went and looked at it on a dry year. He even took me to go see it, and as we where leaving his dad said "whatever you do, don't move or touch the effin thing" but we couldn't get near it as there was too much water. So this is my story. If your interested email me back"

"it's seems to have arrow dynamics of a meteorite"

"To add, three of her pets have died in the last two months--one with cancer, a dog, the cat was older and the last dog had to have a blood transfusion because from what was described as the dogs blood had turned to water. This is the event that has spurred me contacting you through a web search and your self test. ... I had her re-bury the rock, without contact to her, for fear of contamination to her and her last remaining pet."

"It did jolt my mothers pacemaker when she held it, had to take it from her"

"My brother who is a monk living in Cambodia now, he called to tell me about the rock 2kg size found by a villager living in Thailand Cambodia border, he said this rock has too much power can melt and soften the steal and metal that when he put them together."

"First off – disregard the color of the specimen. It was painted gold color by someone and not all of the gold paint came off."

"In 1965, my parents bought a house in Montana. The previous owner left exhibited rocks in the back yard. Without reading the text this morning, I saw that rock and said, 'that looks like the one I found in the backyard.' In 8th grade, I asked the science teacher if it could be a meteorite. She said bring it in. I did and she said it was probably just volcanic rock. Such is life. Hey, I have an idea. If a meteorite was ever presented to you by a Ms. Bond from Montana, THAT'S the one I brought in. Trust, that word has ruined my life...Thanks for reading!"

"He's had it for 20 years. He said he tried breaking it with a slughamer and it still didn't break he threw it off a four story building and it didn't even make a dent or anything in the rock but it did leave a indent in the concrete ground."

"It has mysterious blue colour and purple mix red chemicals on inside holes with bacteria effect.rock mixed with iron and something like diamonds,it's shining with blue,red,yellow,green tiny dots,it has some stony crystels,carbonecious,metalic,stony,blue crystals with glassy impacts,please identify this and i like to sell this.it has also black funges with luminous blue colour dots,100% it's came from the sky."

"Aside from all this, she claims her bones and her wrist joints hurt when she grabs them, and i too have witnessed the pain from holding these rocks."

"The individual whom I purchased the meteorite from looked and acted like he had a role in the movie Deliverance with Burt Renolds and John Voigt."

"Strange story, but true. My wife is on the couch on her day off, when a late model sedan pulls over a little way down the street. Out steps a nicely dressed man of South Asian descent who comes into our yard, picks up a rock from the ring around our recently installed flower bed, and starts to make away with it. My wife runs out to the porch and says 'what are you doing?' He drops it, says 'oh, you need that?,' and walks back to his car. Assuming this fellow has a reason to steal a rock, I do a Google search for 'why would someone try to steal my rock' and I get zero results. Who steals rocks? A little further inquiry leads me to testing with a magnet, long story short, it passes some meteorite tests, seems to fail others. My question is, did this would-be thief know what he was doing, or is it just a coincidence that he tried to make off with the one rock around my flower bed that happens to attract a magnet?"

"the rock is magnetic. and when i put my phone near to it the phone lose network signals completely."

"So I know n understand that merely one percent of all meteors found on earth are not meteors..."

"Doesn't seem radioactive because it doesn't affect a transistor radio."


Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you’ve found until you read this and this.