It's a Meteorite for Sure

"A new Lunar Meteorite is being planned for auction sometime this year which was found in the Cretaceaous Geologic Record of Central Texas. The chemical analysis indicates this 2,485 gram sample is ancient floation Magma from the Lunar Higlands. In addition to varoius findings we conclude that this sample is linked to the Crater Tycho since the chemical anlysis is similar [ noritic anorthosite with high Albite content ]. Additionally it was found in the Cretaceous Geologic Record which is consistent with the age date for Tycho of ~110my. We know that you are a leader in Lunar materials research and have read much of your work and would like to give you and your Colleagues an opportunity at further research on this sample if you desire. This sample is the link from the early evolution of the Moon which answers certain questions about this differentiated minor planetary body. Let us know if you have any questions or we can provide any other information. We are attaching a color scan for your convenience."

"This is my story and it's true. A farmer I know saw an impact site in his field over 4 decades ago. He dug down and and found a large meteorite. The meteorite remained in the grove until I recovered it a few weeks ago. I took it to [xxx] college to be analyzed by the professor of geology. Upon seeing the socalled meteorite, he said, "sure looks like one to me", needless to say, I felt like I really had something. Two weeks later he told me " I can't say it is from this world, nor that it isn't. He explained that possibly it could be lunar, but he couldn't determine. He said if I could cut it, it would possibly give more clues. Yesterday, we cut the meteorite down the middle. The material matches alot of samples I have seen on the internet and my conclusion is I've discovered the biggest lunar meteorite ever! I would like to remain anonymous about this and need advice what to do to get the process going the fastest. "

"I have 58 total pounds hidden away for security reasons and I need an experts opinion."

"If you are so certain that the "rocks" are not meteorites, how do you explain that they dropped from the sky? Maybe you think I just made it up, that one hit our barn roof."

"Assumably you receive numerous amature inquiries and request for verification. The party has discovered a Lunar meteor the size of a VW Bug in their back yard. Now you and your assitants must sift through all the diatribe in hopes that there is one potential in thousands that even resemble a rock of any catagory that can be considered a meteorite."

"I have found what I am 99% sure is a meteorite."

"I just happened on this neat sight, and I was checking out all the meteorites you had to show, and maybe one or two looked just like the one I have that came from Outerspace. Now just imagine a big chunk coming in from out there, now you know this piece of rock is traveling fast, I mean real fast. Now if the rock has mass, there might be some left after impact. But what if, this one didn't have the trajectory most meteorites have, like direct impacts. Say this one came in at ten or twenty degrees, at a very acute angle. And before it hit the ground, it hit sea water and was lost in the ocean forever. What do you think it would look like if one day it washed ashore during a big storm, and I happened along, so just looking at it I would think this was an unusual rock. It weighs about fifty pounds, and on one side it was pretty smooth except for the what we will call the bottom side, now the top side is covered with thumb prints one inch in diameter. So now we have this rock, but how did it get like this? It was red hot when it hit the water. It almost looks like the Apollo Space Capsule. Would you like to see the one I found? And if you like this one, I can take you south of the boarder to see one twenty times larger then the one I have."

"I am positive i found a meteorite."

"I'd bet my last bippy it's a meteorite..."

"I strongly believe that I may have found a very unusual meteorite."

"I am 98% sure I have found either a lunar rock or a meteorite"

"I can't explain how I know this, but I am 100% certain that I have sent you a Lunar Meteorite."

"I am almost 100% this Meteorite (Rock) I have is almost identical to NWA2626 in every visible and simple testing method recommended and advised."

"I have found, what I am 110% sure is a Meteorite!"

"if you see these pictures , then you will know for sure that something happened to this rock that doesn't happen on earth"

"It`s small like a small football,has a ball shape, dark black, it`s clear from holes or smashes on it`s surface, it wights 46 KG it`s too too heavy for such size, we tried cutting it by concrete disk, steel disk, but we couldn`t cut a gram, i have it in Ethiopia-Africa, and looking to sell it. About why i think it`s a meteorite i know it`s a real met. cause of the first owner he`s 72 years old he was in the Ethiopian army, and he owned it from his father since a long time."

"I looked over your examples of non-meteorites and didn't find mine in the bunch."

" I am relatively certain that I am in possession of a rather large (over 1000 lbs) meteorite."

"I believe they ar meteorites for the following reasons. 1. Fusion crust thick as a coke bottle tossed in a bon fire. 2. The innards look like that silica gel crap they tell you not to eat that comes with beef jerky. chondrules. 3. the neighbors don't own a ballista and one of them is just too big to throw."

"After long discussions we have concluded that our meteorite is from mars."

"I think I found a meteorite , actually I 'm sure of it, and for the following reasons."

"I've lost count and I'm tired of collecting them. I don't think most people would be but I've proven a lot of my theories and have a ton of evidence to [back?] them up."

"I looked at all your meteorwrongs pictures on your web site and did not find any that were similar."

"I've not yet uploaded a number of my recent finds, but they are nothing short of spectacular. There are a good number of "possible!" Achondrites; as Eucrites, Diogenites, Howardites and Norites. The collection also hosts a large number of Primitive Chondrites, along with numerous Carbonaceous (C) Chondrites of various classes."

"i know for a fact that they are meteorites, just what kind?"

"Federal and State officials said they believed it is a meteorite Everyone tht has seen it believes it is Meteorite specialists have tried to take it"

"It has the look of the rocks that I have seen when viewing the landscape of Mars."

"I can with 100% assurance guarantee you that those samples are part of the rock that came in over head in 1966 and imbedded itself into a Vermont hillside."

"ok im sure my rock is a meteorite,i have read everybodys sites twice looked at all the pics and was not affended at anything you said because it does not pertain to mine."

"Im still not accepting meteor-wrong, and i promise that i have not exagerated any descriptions, or tried to make something out of this that it isnt."

"Hi, i am from Russia, Smolensk City. I saw 23 Nov, 2008 falling meteorite not far from me and found him. I want know Type my Meteorite and price: $ /g weighing 60 grams was found. I want Sale this meteorit. He greenish-brownish colour with white stripes.I tried magnets, and he attracted to the magnet."

"Dear sir very excited Might be lunar or martion. found in nebraska 30 years ago.at a newley dug pit.will send pics when i know how been on line two weeks now.You are the first person that i e.mailed that is not family Ha Ha good luck"

" i know you said there's nothing about this rock that suggests it's a meteorite, but i'm wondering if thats a bit untrue. i've been reading your web pages thouroghly and crave to see what every meteorite looks like. but you're a very nice person. but mabe it isn't a lunanite and i'm bothering you. like at least 50% of the lunanites found on earth are only a few centimeters. it's unbelieveabley hard to find one. after studying these pages i would suggest it is part of a larger piece mabe a yard in diameter. what are the chances i'd find one in my small yard?"

"Having studied your work, I feel as though this new discovery could certainly be one of the highlights to your career; a "feather-in-the-cap" sort of highlight, if you will."

"This is the part where I rant about how you just passed up on the biggest scientific martian lunar astroid meteorite discovery TO DATE!"

"Do you think this is a possible h5 chondrite, because I truly think it is."

"Why I think it's a meteorite: I believe there is fusion crust on it and the woman we got it from stated it was a meteorite and she had offers from people to buy it from her."

"im no expert but im not an idiot either,ive done my research enough to know that what ive found here in central tx. is in fact,no doubt a meteorite. it passes all the test, self check list, meteoright list etc.. etc... it has every characteristic"

"I can assure you that this is the biggest find in the history of MO. I would like for your university to take care of this find. What is really interesting about this find is the strewn field (I can not give location at this time), we are finding different types of meteorites from different impacts. Some of these are over 1000 years old, so I do not want to hear anything about the fusion crust."

"Believe me, I do not waste anyone's time on this, but I really do believe it is a genuine meteorite"

"I have found a meteorite. I would like to know what to do next. please give me your suggestions."

"i have an authentic meteorite and i want to sell it.please help and keep it all in secret."

"Listen I already excavated approximately 5-700 meteors and I REALLY NEED TO SPEED THINGS UP! Some of them really heavy"

"I personaly beleive it is from outer space and very rare. "

"I am sure it is meteorite, and I think that its unique"

"my friend Roger and I have an approx. 27-30 lb meteorite that we have had for several years now given to us by a scientist from UC Berkeley in Ca. I know that it is indeed real, and wish that i had some pictures to send you with this email just for your comfort that I am not accidentally wasting your time. I assure you I am aware of what I have and how rare this one actually is"

"I, have sent three more samples w/fussion crust also a pick of one of the greatest discoveries on the planet a petrification unknown to mankind ."

"I am hundred percent sure it's the real deal because I had a scientist look at it but I just want your opinion and I'm willing to sale the space rock."


"Olivine does not exist in the province of Manitoba." [Implied conclusion, 'thus my rock must come from space.']

"I know it a meteorite, I saw a detailed picture of a lunar meteorite that looked identical in all respect as mine. I will have it tested in the near future. I have no dought. Its actually on of the best specimens of its type I have seen on line."

"This is not iron meteorites. And I will give you a description and pictures. Please mail your check to me., I want to sell."

"with my experience , i can know is a martian meteorite 95%"  

"I have several meteorites I'm very positive all in my collection are 100% space born"


Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you’ve found until you read this and this.