Why I Think It's a Lunar Meteorite

"I would venture to say that the silica groundmass is similar in appearance to the lunar Que94281 you have pictured in your website."

"I thought the rock in question resembled the QUE94281 lunar meteorite."

"Mostly resembles QUE94281 Mare basalt?"

"I have found something that is identical in looks to the meteorite QUE 94281that is shown on your webpage."

"This rock looks almost identical to QUE94281."

"These stones are about the same size and weight as {QUE} 94281 Most have part fusion crust."

"I omitted to tell you that rock is similar to lunar meteorite sample que 94281 like peice of slag or burnt stone."

"It looks exactly like the photo on your web page of QUE 2941 only it is encased in a dark brown/black crust"

"I've got pieces practically identical to Lunar meteorite que94281."

"...but I think that it more likely matches the listing known as QUE 94281."

"In addition this description below of the Lunar QUE 94281 meteorite, found on NASA's site, exactly describes all three rocks we found."

"It looks exactly like the photo on your web page of QUE 2941 [sic] only it is encased in a dark brown/black crust."

"This looks very similar to the Que94281 on your website!"

"Good day teacher ;just i found a meteorite like (que 94281) in moroco"


"They appear to be Lunar Mare Basalt (similar to Asuka-881757 and Dhofar 287)."

"I found strange stone, ca. 3kg. Polished slice looks like"Dar al Gani 400" on your list."

"I would be very pleased if You would agree to examine samples of matter which in my opinion is very similar /???/ to ALHA 81005."

"I'm not a meteorite colector, but by coincidence I have found pieces of material that looks exacly like Calcalong Creek, or ALHA 81005 pieces."

"I brought up a photo of the Calcalong Creek Lunar meteorite from your web site. The clast patterns are nearly identical in the two stone, as are the colors."

"I found a meteorite this weekend and through research on the internet, it seems to match closest to a feldspathic breccia moon rock Dhofar 025."

"It does look exactly like your picture on your web page. (the left one)."

"I have found a "rock" that looks very similar to the lunar meteorite shown on the website that I got your e-mail address from."

"I have found a meteroite that looks exactly like the lunar type found in the artic. How do I get a conformation on this find?"

"I found what I beleive to be a lunar meteorite, based on what I read from your website."

"We took it to a man who deals in gems and fossils and he said that it looked to him like Aluminum. We were fascinated to learn that that COULD mean it was from the moon."

"To the question: I found this 150-200g unusual stone (see attached pictures) among some of the junk in my room. It is a stone (moonstone, I think), which my grandmom found years ago on a field. It was very very hot when she found it. This happened just after some kind of "falling-star-phenomenon". I'd like you to tell me if this really is a moonstone or not; if so, how much will this stone probably be worth?"

"Randy Korotev you should know just like me, that these important Lunar meteorites are not human or machine made ( please agree ) !!! I would be very glad if you please contact me Randy Korotev, because I have thousands of important certificats in this. And they all came togheter from the moon,with the DELTA sign from NASA in titan !!! This is also a world record ( 99st new Lunar meteorites ) and the first time ever in Europe,a real Lunar meteorite have been found !!! I also own exactly the same meteorites,like the one they found on the moon ( Apollo mission ) with the moon dust on it."

"The reason I think I have found a meteorite is because I was watching a report on T.V. and I compared the rocks I have to the ones that were on T.V. and there were many similar aspects."

"I think it is a meteor because it looks like it fell from the sky"


Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you’ve found until you read this and this.