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Northwest Africa 10258

northwestern Africa



Two sides of a slice of NWA 10258. Thanks to Steve Arnold for the sample.
(photo credit: Randy Korotev)


Another lab sample of NWA 10258. Thanks to Carl Agee for the sample.
(photo credit: Randy Korotev)


from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 104

Northwest Africa 10258

Northwestern Africa
Purchased: 2015
Mass: 58 g

Lunar meteorite

History: Purchased by Steve Arnold from Morocco, 2015.

Physical characteristics: Single stone, dark irregular surface, no fusion crust. A saw cut reveals numerous light-colored clasts set in a dark groundmass.

Petrography: (C. Agee, UNM) This meteorite is mixture of a fine-grained cataclastic domains, fragmental plagioclase and pyroxene crystals, fragmental anorthosite clasts, and shock melt veins; some of the veins have ~200 µm-size vesicles. Accessory troilite, ilmenite, and chromite were observed.

Geochemistry: (C. Agee and N. Muttik, UNM) olivine Fa37.9±1.3, Fe/Mn=98±7, n=6; pigeonite Fs38.9±13.7Wo11.5±6.0, Fe/Mn=62±10, n=5; augite Fs22.7Wo40.0, Fe/Mn=57±5, n=1; plagioclase An96.2±0.5, n=3; Shock melt (20 µm defocused electron beam, proxy for bulk meteorite composition): SiO2=46.3±1.8, TiO2=0.44±0.18, Al2O3=26.9±5.3, Cr2O3=0.014±0.10, MgO=5.6±2.7, FeO=6.4±3.2, MnO=0.08±0.05, CaO=14.4±2.0, NiO=0.03±0.03, Na2O=0.54±0.24, K2O=0.14±0.07 (all wt%), MgO+FeO=12.1±5.5 (wt%), n=11.

Classification: Lunar (feldspathic breccia)

Specimens: 11.7 g including a probe mount on deposit at UNM, Steve Arnold holds the main mass.


Randy Says…

This look like a new one.


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NWA 10258


Korotev R. L. and Irving A. J. (2017) Still not keeping up with the lunar meteorites – 2017. 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, abstract no. 1498.



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: Randy L. Korotev
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