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Northwest Africa 10782

northwestern Africa




Two sides of a slice of Northwest Africa 10782. Click on image for enlargement.
(photo credit: Luc Labenne)




A different slice of NWA 10782. Click on image for enlargement. Thanks to Luc Labenne for the sample.
(photo credit: Randy Korotev)



from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 105


Northwest Africa 10782


(Northwestern Africa)

Found 2015; Purchased: 2015 May 01

Mass: 39.0 g


Lunar Meteorite (regolith breccia)


History: One stone with no visible fusion crust. Recognized as a lunar breccia by L. Labenne.


Physical characteristics: One stone with no visible fusion crust. Recognized as a lunar breccia by L. Labenne.


Petrography: (R. Hewins, S. Pont, B. Zanda, MNHNP) This is a breccia composed mainly of crystal clasts a few hundred μm in size, with a few glassy to dendrite-bearing spherules about 1 mm in size. Matrix is very fine-grained, in some cases glass with schlieren, with vugs or vesicles. There are a few breccia clasts up to 4 mm, very fine grained (1-2 μm) and in some cases with igneous textures (i.e. clast-laden melt rock clasts). Breccia clasts contain feldspathic igneous clasts with intersertal textures resembling Apollo 14310 but finer, as well as crystal clasts and rare lithic chips. Some pyroxene clasts show exsolution. Accessory minerals include troilite, ilmenite, a silica phase and, in the largest melt-rock, Ni-bearing metal.


Geochemistry: Mineral compositions and Geochemistry: (R. Hewins ans S. Pont, MNHNP) The pyroxene compositions are Fs36.7Wo7.6 to Fs55.3Wo19.6, and the atomic Fe/Mn falls just below the UNM lunar line with average ratio 71. Both magnesian and ferroan olivine clasts are present, with FeO/MnO of 103 falling just below the lunar value. Spinel contains ~40 wt% Cr2O3. Plagioclase is An93.6Ab6.2Or0.2. The glassy matrix is basaltic (sensu lato).


Classification: (R. Hewins MNHN) Lunar breccia. The meteorite contains anorthite with olivine and pyroxene Fe/Mn ratios matching lunar. As it contains Ni-rich metal, glass spherules and breccia clasts it is classified as a regolith breccia.


Specimens: The main mass (31 g) is held by Labenne. The type specimen consists of 0.977 g and 6.88 g at MNHNP.


Randy Says…

I haven’t analyzed my sample yet.


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Prepared by
: Randy L. Korotev
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