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Lunar Meteorite

Northwest Africa 11109




Northwest Africa 11109.Click on image for enlargement.
(photo credit: Weibiao Hsu)


Lab sample of NWA 11109.Thanks to Weibiao Hsu for the sample.
(photo credit: Randy Korotev)


from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 106

Northwest Africa 11109

Find: 2016
Mass: 77 g (10 pieces)

Classification: Lunar meteorite

History: Purchased by Ke Zuokai in Dec. 2016 from a Moroccan dealer.

Physical characteristics: The meteorite has a black fusion crust and is partially covered with weathering product.

Petrography: (Li Y., PMO) Mineral fragments with minor lithic clasts (0.1 to 1.5 mm) set in a poorly recrystallized anorthositic matrix. Vesicular shock melt veins and pockets are present.The lithic clasts include rocks of anorthositic, gabbroic and noritic composition. Mineral fragments consists of pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase grains, and minor quartz grains. Other accessory minerals include chromite, ilmenite and troilite.

Geochemistry: Plagioclase An90.5-97.0Ab2.8-9.1Or0.4; pigeonite Fs23.1-57.0Wo4.9-21.2, Fe/Mn=46.6-74.6; augite Fs13.6-55.1Wo27.0-43.7, Fe/Mn=43.3-85.4; olivine Fa31.1-45.7, Fe/Mn=81.1-108.4.

Classification: Lunar, breccia

Specimens: 16 g is on deposit at PMO, Ke Zuokai holds the main mass.


Randy SaysÖ


Iíll be analyzing me sample soon.


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NWA 11109






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Prepared by
: Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

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Last revised: 30-March-2017