Lunar Meteorite

Northwest Africa 12603

Northwestern Africa


from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 108

Northwest Africa 12603

(Northwestern Africa)
Purchased: 2018 December
Mass: 47 g

Lunar meteorite (fragmental breccia)

History: Purchased from a Moroccan mineral dealer at the mineral show in Hamburg, Germany.

Petrography: (K. Metzler, IfP) Polymict achondritic breccia, consisting of mineral fragments (olivine, pyroxene, plagioclase) and lithic clasts (anorthosites, melt rocks), set in a nearly black matrix of fine-grained related debris. Intermingled are clast-rich melt particles with ill-defined outlines. Breccia-in breccia clasts and melt spherules occur, as well. Pyroxenes with and without exsolution lamellae are observed. Accessories are ilmenite, troilite, and Fe,Ni metal.

Geochemistry: Mineral compositions and geochemistry: Olivine: Fa35.8±8.8 (26.9-47.3); Fe/Mn (at.): 72-153; n=6. Pyroxene Fs41.6±23.9Wo10.3±5.0 (Fs24.5-83.5Wo3.1-15.8); Fe/Mn (at.): 48-94; n=5. Plagioclase An96.7±0.8 (An95.7-97.5); n=4. Chemistry of a melt spherule (wt%): SiO2=42.6, TiO2=0.6, Cr2O3=0.5, Al2O3=23.7 MgO=9.3, FeO=8.4, MnO=0.08, CaO=14.9.

Classification: Lunar feldspathic breccia.

Specimens: 9.7 g type specimen at IfP. Anonymous buyer holds the main mass.


Randy Says…

I have not studied this one. The description is similar to that of NWA 12697.


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