Lunar Meteorite

[unnamed 4]

northwestern Africa


Unnamed 4 from northwestern Africa is a small oriented stone held by a private collector who does not want to cut it further. The width is about 3 cm.

(photo credit: anonymous owner)


Note how fusion crust glass has accumulated on this, the trailing, side of the meteorite.
(photo credit: anonymous owner)


This piece is from the cut portion above (~1 cm across)
(photo credit: Randy Korotev)


This is the 46 mg of material from the meteorite that we analyzed in our lab.

Despite the high fraction of light-colored clasts, the sample is rather mafic (11.5% FeO).
(photo credit: Randy Korotev)


Randy Says…

It's unfortunate that this cute little meteorite isn't "official." Compositionally, its unique.


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Prepared by: Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

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Last revised: 28 January 2018