Chemical Composition of Meteorites

Ni vs. Fe2O3(T) + MgO


All chondrites and some achondrites (top) have very much higher concentrations of Ni (also Co, Ir, Au, and some other rare elements) than nearly any terrestrial rock. Some of the rarer types of meteorites (lunar, martian, eucrites; bottom), however, do not have high concentrations of Ni. High-Ni terrestrial rocks tend to be ultramafic rocks like dunites, peridotites, pyroxenites, and serpentinites.

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Plots for

| SiO2 | Al2O3, CaO, & CaO/Al2O3 | MgO/Fe2O3 | Fe2O3/MnO | Na2O & K2O |

| Cr | Ni | La |



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Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
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