Chemical Composition of Meteorites


Silicon (Si) as Silica (SiO2)

SiO2 vs. Fe2O3(T) + MgO


Many terrestrial rocks have higher concentrations of SiO2 (silica) than any meteorite. Many of these contain quartz. If SiO2 is greater than 60%, the rock is not a meteorite. The only possible exception would be a lunar granite, which is a volumetrically insignificant component of the Apollo collection. The low-SiO2 chondrites are all carbonaceous chondrites. Carbonaceous chondrites have a substantial proportion of volatile elements that, in terms of this plot, as a diluants that drag the compositions toward the origin. The low-SiO2 terrestrial rocks are mainly limestones [low Fe2O3(T) + MgO] and iron ores [high Fe2O3(T) + MgO].


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Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Washington University in St. Louis

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Last revised:  7 November 2018