Why this rock is probably not a meteorite:

This rock resembles an impact breccia, so it might be a meteorite. Lunar impact breccias typically have clasts of different kinds of rocks, as does this rock. In asteroidal regolith breccias, on the other hand, the clasts would all be similar.

A suspicious aspect of this rock is the sides are too straight. That feature appears to be natural, although it's really impossible to to tell from this photo. Meteorites would never have such flat side naturally (however, see no. 176). Also, some of the clast appears to be sedimentary rocks, although that is also impossible to determine from a photo. I am unaware of any brecciated meteorite that has translucent green clasts like this.
What is it?

It's impossible to say from the photograph. It could be a terrestrial sedimentary rock or a volcaniclastic rock.


Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

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