Why this rock is probably not a meteorite:

Is that a fusion crust? Are those holes? These two rocks sure have funny shapes, with protroberances and sharp ridges. If you've gotten this far, you probably think I'm going to say that they're not meteorites.
What is it?

For comparison with the last one, these are two specimens of the large (> 40 tons) Campo del Cielo iron meteorite from Argentina. The first pieces of the meteorite were found in the 16th century and pieces are still being found. I bought these two fragments for a total of $318 on ebay.

Iron meteorites typically have funny shapes, not at all aerodynamic like most stony meteorites. Note that both of these "stones" have regmaglypts. These depressions aren't nearly as deep as the holes in meteorwrong no. 145. Note also that neither specimen is rusty.

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Prepared by:

Randy L. Korotev

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you’ve found until you read this and this.